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String Cheese Incident 02/22/01
Snow King Center, Jackson Hole, WY
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Source # 6884 Other Sources
Entered by Brad Leblanc
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary DSBD > DAT > HD > CDR > EAC > .shn 
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The String Cheese Incident
Snow King Center
Jackson, WY

DSBD>DAT>HD>CDR>EAC>SHN by Portland Storm
on 04-24-01

Disc One: 75:05
Set 1:
1. Come As You Are
2. Way Back Home
3. Parker's Blues*
4. Up the Canyon
5. The Pygmy Pony
6. Miss Brown's Teahouse >
7. Shine

Disc Two: 44:57
Set 2:
1. Outside Inside
2. San Jose >
3. Orange Blossom Special
4. Take a Little Time

Disc Three: 44:51
1. Round the Wheel >
2. So What >
3. On the Road
4. Walk This Way >
5. Jam >
6. Round the Wheel

*Jon-O's Board fried out during Parker's Blues;
large sections of the tune are missing or plagued
by static-like pops and clicks. This is likely
the case on all soundboard sources.
Show Checksums
47284451f9d6d18ad44f35ac79fb73af *sci01-02-22d1Track01.shn
7744d48c0275e52f162ae167c5c3b730 *sci01-02-22d1Track02.shn
81c48b3e0fb5f0deff97da15f26cc144 *sci01-02-22d1Track03.shn
c5266dcb5c091b074a3cca99f53163f7 *sci01-02-22d1Track04.shn
2b101da320eb09112892ba29695f4027 *sci01-02-22d1Track05.shn
3a762eb1edccd603bbcc247ea8d4335d *sci01-02-22d1Track06.shn
81dfe4c805308572b67cad6263b0687f *sci01-02-22d1Track07.shn
978264ccf5a9e619eec8d04b3309dbaa *sci01-02-22d2Track04.shn
580b54c94c0e385e5b002dddea2977ef *sci01-02-22d2Track02.shn
8a81ce1277a68b1565aa967bcbf3c4f4 *sci01-02-22d2Track03.shn
75b1f2428e05c4b58eff500c6a58cd3b *sci01-02-22d2Track01.shn
edebe90c4fb7069626e2bd5705ec1e4d *sci01-02-22d3Track01.shn
f7d3e5aa3a5246966c46b41e3f36f3cf *sci01-02-22d3Track02.shn
07c85948ff5108b3bbe293f3e4010398 *sci01-02-22d3Track03.shn
91ae56c1ba4142c16faf130b56a8cb8e *sci01-02-22d3Track04.shn
831fd8397896bba01d077bad76a2141b *sci01-02-22d3Track05.shn
13cf6b79c1bfd9752f0c4789891b5e85 *sci01-02-22d3Track06.shn

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03/07/2002 ghost if you have any aversion to burning an incomplete show don't bother with this seed, as d1track3 is unlistenable.