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Goodman Brothers Band 11/05/77
Lantern Inn, Penndel, PA
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Source Summary SBD>ACM>Adaptec CT Wave Edit 32>Steinberg Wavelab>Cool Edit Pro> Working CD>Sound Forge 6.0>BBE 442> PS 632>CD Master>EAC>MKW>SHN 
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Goodman Brothers Band
Lantern Inn-Penndel, PA

Source Info:
SBD>ACM>Adaptec CT Wave Edit 32>Steinberg Wavelab>Cool Edit Pro> Working CD>Sound Forge 6.0>BBE 442> PS 632>CD Master>EAC>MKW>SHN

Recorded By Larry May On November 5th, 1977 & First Digitized In Heidelberg, Germany On September 31st 2003 BY Neptune. Sent To Bormann Via Luftpost Mid October. Retracked, Speed Corrected, Remastered & Transferred To SHN From CD Masters February 31st 2004 By Bormann For GBP. Seeded March 10TH 2004 For Public Enjoyment. This Release Is Dedicated To The Memory Of Brother Mike Goodman. May He Rest In Peace.

Disc One:
Walk It Off, Tired Of Thinking About You, Betty, Just A Feelin', What Do You Think About, Don't Let On, Know It Now, Hard To Stumble, Everybody's On The Loose, Train To Oaxaca, Beyond The Sun-->Farmbound, Little Red Rooster.

Disc Two:
How Can I Find You, Talking With The Man, Afraid Of Love, Gypsy's Biz, Who's Been Talking, Stick With Me, Capricorn Lament, Round & Round.

Disc Three:
Open It Up, Don't Get Off Your Tractor, I'm Ready, Rock & Woe

Band Personnel:
Frank "Crumble" Goodman-Acoustic Guitar, Bass & Vocals.
Billy "Bizmark" Goodman-Acoustic Guitar, Electric Slide, Bass & Vocals.
Steve "ROCK" Kimock-Electric Guitars.
Rauph Liberto- Keyboards & Saxophone.
Duffy Hoffman- Drums.

John "Duke" Cooper- Band Mgr.
Jon "Boy" Goodman- Road Mgr.
Bill "Zuzu" Devers- Lights.
Larry "Mayor" May- FOH & Recording Engineer.
Billy "BJ" Jay- Stage Tech.
Rob "Fingers" Hellier- Backline.

Post Production:
Norbert "Neptune"- Original Transfer From Analog Master To CDR.
Rick "Bormann" Childs- Retracking, Filtering, EQ-ing, Speed Correction, Mastering, SHN-ing & Seeding.

Please Direct Questions To: [email protected]

If You Enjoy The Tunes, Please The Goodman Bros Page:

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