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Garcia 11/14/82
Shapiro Gym, Brandeis University, Waltham, MA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums shn-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary JGB: unknown aud, unknown gens > Cassette (Nak playback) -> RME DIGI -> Samplitude 6.0 -> CD-Wav -> Mkwact -> SHN, transferred by Patrick H. 
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Shapiro Gymanasium
Brandeis Univ.
Waltham, MA

Unknown mics, unknown gens, unknown taper
Cassette tapes from Leo C.

Cassette (NAK) -> RME DIGI ->
Samplitude 6.0 -> CD-Wav -> Mkwact -> SHN

With MD5's and SBE checked and verified.
By Patrick H. 6/10/2006

Disc 1 Set 1 (74:36)
1 How Sweet it is 9:13
2 Catfish John 12:02
3 That's what love 10:21
   will make you do
4 Simple Twist of Faith 12:33
5 Deal mechanica problems 0:34
6 //Deal 6:41
   Set 2
7 Harder they come 14:51
8 They love each other 8:21

Disc 2 Set 2 cont(47:03)
1 Valerie 8:20
2 //Run for the Roses 5:22
3 Dixie down 10:02
4 Tangled up in Blue 14:47
5 Midnight moonlight 8:34

D1T1 - Many fluctuations in recording
        levels during this tune
D1t5 - Deal cut Tape flip
D1T6 - //Deal
D2T2 - //Run for the roses

Leo a long time music collector and friend
sent me these 2 JGB cassettes that contained
this show and tape 2 side b had filler. He
wanted them converted to Lossless format. There
are the usual cuts at the beginning of the songs.
Deal is cut for tape flip.

Included is a directory called "tape 2
side b". It is filler from the cassette
#2 side B and date is unknown. Contains
2 songs and they are "Don't let go" and
"Tangled up in Blue".
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13a6152e8471653df794d1f347560830 *jgb1982-11-14D101.shn
68a2e6e26a5b253bad47dd58c51ee857 *jgb1982-11-14D102.shn
34cb0c979eb61d66d404087f7c6cf3db *jgb1982-11-14D103.shn
ec32345e122204c96865ac082c2bbd94 *jgb1982-11-14D104.shn
ca4cab568fe3b499c175370ed787d37c *jgb1982-11-14D105.shn
3765fad090adfa33233813485c135ef4 *jgb1982-11-14D106.shn
ec76bda9f8f89d49e0861d41060edb2e *jgb1982-11-14D107.shn
60a28e372a8d501c448fc032d946a465 *jgb1982-11-14D108.shn
2d9a9872ad1b91ab2092ee3d0491a942 *jgb1982-11-14D201.shn
44dd4c9e683271e962d3cb3b58625998 *jgb1982-11-14D202.shn
e890ab903fdd506352fe64969ffb781d *jgb1982-11-14D203.shn
3999dbcf9a41d81db51eb4d02e2a1889 *jgb1982-11-14D204.shn
935bad67fa27dc967c1089f1630ea604 *jgb1982-11-14D205.shn

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