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Garcia 12/28/72
Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums d1 , d2
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders, incomplete: gives only standard Jerry Site lineage of 166FM [WBAI] SBD. DAT (MSR > DAT > 1c > DAT) > CDR > SHN. 
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12/28/72 (originally listed as 12/20/77)


Note from
Listing comes from a Keystone Berkeley poster which bills, "Jerry Garcia, Merl Saunders, Tom Fogerty". The setlist that used to be attached to this date is in fact from the 28th. Dave Tamarkin attended both 12/27 and 12/28 and has identified the well circulated DAT/CD as coming from the 28th. So a mea culpa on my part for incorrectly changing the 12/28 date to 12/20.   Ryan Shriver  

Disc 1
Set 1

1.After Midnight 13:23
2.It's Too Late 8:02
3.Baby Please Don't Go 12:15
4.Expressway> 8:38
5.Jam> 1:12
6.Space> 5:52
7.Georgia On My Mind 12:03
8.That's All Right,Mama 14:09

Disc 2
Set 2

1.When I Paint My Masterpiece 9:19
2.Second That Emotion 14:42
3.Unknown Song(1)(2)> 9:57
4.Jam(1)(2)> 9:33
5.Sweet Cocaine(1)(2) 8:33
6.stage banter 0:17
7.Baby What You Want Me To Do? 6:49
8.Further On Up The Road 11:21

Missing 'The System'

(1) with Roger Troy(aka Jellyroll).(2) with Danny ? on guitar.

Dropout on d1t1 between 2:38:61-2:38:74 fixed with Nero Wave Tool

   [email protected]
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c8f3828eb6b44587f957bc367bd6f4a5 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t5.shn
de8874d1fd2ed75822a63ab1e614cc31 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t2.shn
9d3a6dd9e4f5814c54ab10114334efdf *jg+ms72-12-28d1t3.shn
bfa2b9b2bb1cbed3d65f3a8dd042d41e *jg+ms72-12-28d1t4.shn
6e8c5acad80e1f5046adb7f21558c681 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t1.shn
c21fea11629156ad03c871849f45ef27 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t6.shn
509b461a2c69e9fc2a7caff88257d7a4 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t7.shn
92cb71356217090ca6a0db4c74c2bc78 *jg+ms72-12-28d1t8.shn
e40cb494fec366519c9a5154a61426fd *jg+ms72-12-28d2t6.shn
d1abf47e52ca7d4ab2b565d2992805aa *jg+ms72-12-28d2t2.shn
cb812152e8b63f748b727766b9c2afe9 *jg+ms72-12-28d2t3.shn
107c7bd9447571d76989e23ca01b4b90 *jg+ms72-12-28d2t4.shn
553edd369e0e4c88462515ff396cf38c *jg+ms72-12-28d2t5.shn
1bc4859c4ac71247c30ee1cea14000b2 *jg+ms72-12-28d2t1.shn
d09d67144ba76252aab471961cd48f34 *jg+ms72-12-28d2t7.shn
e0a800fced1e520f066c3497aa20be1a *jg+ms72-12-28d2t8.shn

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12/31/2007 ziko This source is the same as 21183. The names were the only thing changed as the md5's match