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Garcia 03/11/78
Leroy Theater, Pawtucket, RI
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary JGB: pre-show interview: unknown FM-SBD > SHN, via Andy Gefen and Teddy Goodbear; show: unknown AUD > SHN, via Teddy Goodbear. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
3-11-1978 Leroy Theater, Pawtucket, RI  

The interview is probably (just a guess): PREFM-SBD>?>Gefen Master?>GoodBear CD

Track 1 ~ Interview with the Jerry Garcia Band on this date, by interviewer Andy Gefen provided by Andy to me (GoodBear) late 90s ~ 44:34

This release is probably (just a guess): 161 AUD - MAC>?DAT?>CD*

Set 1  (88 minutes)  
How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) ~ 10:34
Catfish John ~ 12:01

That's What Love Will Make You Do ~ 13:25
I'll Take A Melody ~ 17:15
Harder They Come ~ 18:25
Gomorrah ~ 6:58
Mystery Train ~ 9:42

Set 2  (73 minutes)  
Love In The Afternoon ~ 14:29
Rhapsody In Red ~ 9:27
Knockin' On Heaven's Door ~ 13:04
Tore Up Over You ~ 8:43
I'll Be With Thee ~ 5:11
Lonesome And A Long Way From Home ~ 15:22
Filler: //Bob Weir Band Interview on 3/10/78, done by Andy Gefen provided by Andy to Teddy "GoodBear" late 90s ~ 7:09

*161 AUD : MAC>DAT
Notes: Best recording available according to
Taper: Tom Dalti
Original Equipment: Sony ECM-99a mics > Technics 646ds cassette deck. Recorded front row of balcony

Marc Schaeffer , Ryan Shriver, Teddy "GoodBear" Selby
Seeded 6/2006 by Teddy "GoodBear" Selby

Check out the setlist at:
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2cf4e49bba07da3316da7f29617d09a9 *D1\jgb1978-03-11_d1t01_interview.shn
6ac9a162acaa8da72c7fd85a5a46cd36 *D1\jgb1978-03-11_d1t02.shn
2de520fb9345ad8e3475b32495693add *D1\jgb1978-03-11_d1t03.shn
190b33ba055d945c79fa16c0c5ce23be *D2\jgb1978-03-11_d2t01.shn
b713eeece68299af0aa7d35ad210adc3 *D2\jgb1978-03-11_d2t02.shn
eb5e1e8a42f7c86ae20bd1f513b6ceaf *D2\jgb1978-03-11_d2t03.shn
e457e3c7d67a0c7b7e5bc6c1003d9f43 *D2\jgb1978-03-11_d2t04.shn
42e9ff8d6eb982a21feccd7abcbff136 *D2\jgb1978-03-11_d2t05.shn
27c84162d2b148c6e7beb988810c3e20 *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t01.shn
8cd375f7b42eb46aaa39600d8dfa42e3 *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t02.shn
e6bc12796c3b0cef842ef4bc64a35182 *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t03.shn
b4fa3f97093b3ec838c1c054894bde9a *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t04.shn
daddf6667c00919a01a623b7523fface *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t05.shn
bc159b9a12d86f750e318c93383e4478 *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t06.shn
c524806048e7201a1a9429aaf90fed2c *D3\jgb1978-03-11_d3t07.shn

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Date User Comment
02/20/2018 nfagdtrfb This Aud matches the Dalti recording (ID-14931). In this case, one of the channels has inverted phase, it's off speed, and has had an aggressive noise reduction applied.