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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 07/06/01
High Sierra Music Festival- Late Night Show, Quincy, CA
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Source Summary Source: FOB Schoeps 641V's>V2>AD 1000>DA-P1; Transfer: Master DAT>Fostex D5>AES>Sound Devices 722>Firewire>HPzv5000 
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
July 6, 2001
High Sierra Music Festival
Late Night Music Hall,
Quincy, CA  

FOB Schoeps 641V's>V2>AD 1000>DA-P1

Recorded by John C.

Master DAT>Fostex D5>AES>Sound Devices 722

Resampled with Adobe Audition 1.0

Tracked & Transferred by Ned Struzziero
[email protected]

One Set

Disc 1
1. Intro
2. Good for You (and You),
3. Jan Jan,
4. Groove On,
5. Mistrack Sorry
6. ?
7. Dance Lesson #2
8. Flute Solo
9. Fallin',
10.Flute Down,

Disc 2
1. The Roundabout,
2. Like Like Dope,
3. Front Money,
4. Elephants are Big as Hell,
5. Spanish Castle Magic
6. The Hen,
7. Rise and Shine

Karl Denson sx.
Andy Cleaves trmp.
Brian Jordan gtr.
David Veith keys.
Ron Johnson bas.
Eric Bolivar drms.
Mike Dillon perc.

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Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t01.flac:f5b48c0c4f0f5623677872948d1efd4c
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t02.flac:66e2115e4f6b3a7042c99723d8d7e639
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t03.flac:f62c862ba8979b7e853fd0758e9c329d
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t04.flac:c97486e41bea4ccb32c8705324025b79
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t05.flac:b4541de515153124b3a9febca93f0c54
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t06.flac:43be61f3dfb5db2987036911d9a672eb
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t07.flac:625b03c326d8f4da5595b2a434000cc8
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t08.flac:c83f8694269fa0ed5fd4e179f686fe61
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t09.flac:7bc05dc656677865ae407bdaf11b0be0
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t10.flac:3dbfdbf47337fe292c0cb8c6288c8fe8
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d1t11.flac:a7ef3972922e6db182741df91d453b77
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t01.flac:0ca38c1251f9eda74f44671271440bf3
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t02.flac:7b73322c4d987e0f92ddd906d706f83b
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t03.flac:b2b168dd1a33f86bc8fb6de1f8c2acbd
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t04.flac:f335cb19f6742883fc9401ff94faa556
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t05.flac:ee2a1922aa42cb399c652bd8ca021403
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t06.flac:2ce248e3cd7eb0b546d9d0168da916fc
Karl Denson 2001-07-06 d2t07.flac:f82147b412b72446c350738b771964fd

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