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Phil Lesh & Friends 07/21/06
10,000 Lakes Festival (Soo-Pass Lodge), Detroit Lakes, MN
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Source: ADK51TL/o> BBee hypers> Oade T+mod UA5 >JB3 44.1 wav Location: 20' LOC VIP Lawn Mic Config: 10' split ~7'^ Source: ADK51TL/o> BBee hypers> Oade T+mod UA5 >JB3 44.1 wav Taped by: (o-canis) [email protected] Conversion: JB3 > sb1394 > CPC v3.02.5 > Pc > Flac burn Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz Editing: CD-Wave (tracking), Adobe Audition 1.0 (fades,EQ,NR,limiting*)  
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Phil & Friends
10K Lakes Festival
Soo Pass Ranch, Detroit Lakes, MN
Main Stage

Taped by: (o-canis) [email protected]
Location: 20' LOC VIP Lawn  
Mic Config: 10' split ~7'^
Source: ADK51TL/o> BBee hypers> Oade T+mod UA5 >JB3 44.1 wav
Conversion: JB3 > sb1394 > CPC v3.02.5 > Pc > Flac burn
Format: 16-bit, 44.1 kHz
Editing: CD-Wave (tracking), Adobe Audition 1.0 (fades,EQ,NR,limiting*)

/ ### FREE ###
/ Thank you for taking time to audit this recording.
/ The musicians allowed this recording for FREE. Do NOT sell or trade this  
/ recording for profit of any kind. Keep it FREE.
/ Please do not convert these files to MP3 for trading purposes.  Always
/ distribute copies of the original compressed files, shn or flac, and include
/ all text files with subsequent trades of this music.  
/ Visit for more into on lossless music distribution practices.    
/ Help ensure live recordings remain easily accessible and FREE by  
/ supporting the musicians and buying their studio releases and merch.
/   Thanks!
Thanks to all the folks at 10KLF who helped make it so easy to record
all the bands at the festival!

Phil Lesh (bass, vocals)
Larry Campbell (guitar)
Joan Osborne (lead vocals)
John Molo (drums)
Rob Barraco (keys)
Barry Sless (pedal steel)
Greg Osby (sax)

DISC ONE [79:55]
Set 1:

01. tuning/Jam>
02. Cumberland Blues
03. Big River
04. Lazy River Road
05. Cold Roses>
06. The Wheel>
07. Shakedown Street>
08. Jam> Passenger

DISC TWO [77:33]
Set 2:

01. St. Stephen>
02. Dark Star (V1)>
03. Stars Go Blue> Here Comes Sunshine Intro Tease>
04. Jam> Dark Star (V2)>
05. China Cat Sunflower>
06. The Eleven>
07. Stella Blue

DISC THREE [40:31]
Set 2: cont.

01. Help On The Way> Slipknot!>
02. Franklin's Tower
03. encore break/Donor Rap/Intros
04. Truckin'

setlist via

Editing done in 16bit/44.1mhz realm:
Fades - yes= In/out, disc 2>3 seamless
cuts - yes= reduced the first set to 1:19:54.  Removals included 10klf intro of 7:50min before band took the stage and the ballance was removed between tunes. At the end of set two, Phil had some remarks that were preserved but I did moved them up in time a bit and shortened the fade out.

EQ - Despite the obvious focus on Phil's bass lines, the omnis managed to render the bass way too strongly and with some resonance. A three notch filter from 55hz to 76hz was applied and with EQ bass was rolled off below 100hz and raised a bit above 125hz to 400 where things were brought back flat.  A gradual lift, begining at 1600hz peaking at 5hz/+2.5db and returning to 0db at 12khz, was also applied.
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8f2129740c297ed45fb4355885122901 *phil2006-07-21TLd1t01.flac
926d72c050f32e5314022fd331606e71 *phil2006-07-21TLd1t02.flac
7767d09af3b7bac845c5cb73d458b042 *phil2006-07-21TLd1t03.flac
aaf4257758a19bed148eb05cca2c2586 *phil2006-07-21TLd1t04.flac
2b5a57491dc4eee140a567a35d65cefb *phil2006-07-21TLd1t05.flac
0fd53e41616c7230e09b9ed20aea9226 *phil2006-07-21TLd1t06.flac
c2b9ea100fef740a8ab619382f62571e *phil2006-07-21TLd1t07.flac
5b6373491cbd37531f352c0ca049353c *phil2006-07-21TLd1t08.flac
c37c550d6f9b0edc11e3f18f978541a6 *phil2006-07-21TLd2t01.flac
ec398aa0a8df045a3cd608949c0b69ed *phil2006-07-21TLd2t02.flac
f3600b4483ac67ef02c33049ddafb37c *phil2006-07-21TLd2t03.flac
ef1c6d1163e4ce116c1d29086b59c03e *phil2006-07-21TLd2t04.flac
678d1923579869bcb2f3cbbefe9076be *phil2006-07-21TLd2t05.flac
85533c629fd316c60fe36fde58b2bae0 *phil2006-07-21TLd2t06.flac
213fc54cf823fedb4fe032092fa4abfc *phil2006-07-21TLd2t07.flac
7e6eeaf2ab49ee31fb0fc6626036d11d *phil2006-07-21TLd3t01.flac
24d47d3d09095215023f6dfe885e7cfe *phil2006-07-21TLd3t02.flac
594dc62d5852dd50a991880ca8e389a2 *phil2006-07-21TLd3t03.flac
a447311e092b2a93ee3252a601bd2492 *phil2006-07-21TLd3t04.flac

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