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String Cheese Incident 04/05/99
Canopy Club, Champaign, IL
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Entered by Daniel Shay
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Crown PZM > pre-amp > DAT; Transfer: DAT > Standalone CD > EAC > Sound Forge 4 > mkwACT (.shn) 
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4/5/99 - Canopy Club, Urbana, IL

disc 1
1 Set 1: Whiskey before Breakfast >
2 Voodoo Chile >
3 Mouna Bowa,
4 Cottonmouth,
5 Miss Brown's Teahouse*,
6 Grazin' in The Grass*,

disc 2
1 Climb  
2 Set 2: All Blues*,
3 Come As You Are*,
4 Work,

disc 3
1 Wake Up >
2 Restless Wind,
3 Impressions* >
4 Johnny Cash (w/Blue Christmas)*  
5 Encore: Mercy, Mercy, Mercy*

* with Karl Denson on sax and Carlos Washington on trumpet

source: modified PZM w/pre-amp>DAT>standalone CDR>EACerror-free,secure>forge4(tracking)>SHN

notes: SCI was not allowing soundboard access for this tour. There may be a better mic
source of this show, but I havent seen this show being traded at all, so here it is.
Taped, transferred, and uploaded to etree by Dan Babcock. [email protected]
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6ce10e367259b2016b241ed3c7fa5d15 *sci99-04-05d1-01.shn
5c86dd83d481466dcf2c1f13f5bd0897 *sci99-04-05d1-02.shn
14f118a8aef69070baee294ed61941da *sci99-04-05d1-03.shn
7ae6eb0e98f7a74482f759cf6bccb3ed *sci99-04-05d1-04.shn
557ece1c95773891e6fa886a9ef4c782 *sci99-04-05d1-05.shn
a8f5a019d512cc34477ad21a7e327b9d *sci99-04-05d1-06.shn
7946126740f6a316b41f8f440a8205c2 *sci99-04-05d2-01.shn
946dafbe6705d07ff07d8ece98f671d3 *sci99-04-05d2-02.shn
ce3aefacf33ffcde17775538f51fbd6e *sci99-04-05d2-03.shn
b1a91082f6d96ca6eb82f85c265dc218 *sci99-04-05d2-04.shn
3adc1432a70ac64122e98776597e0b53 *sci99-04-05d3-01.shn
ac2b658a2ec680579e7ff881ce4d1158 *sci99-04-05d3-02.shn
55281633c6c42f2f362d62e92bca5cca *sci99-04-05d3-03.shn
434723afeb707a086c84107d52d69c07 *sci99-04-05d3-04.shn
842f5047a419646f48fa949240a4b966 *sci99-04-05d3-05.shn

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