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String Cheese Incident 04/20/01
Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO
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Entered by Brad Leblanc
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Earthworks SR71's (balcony rail) > G.P. DMIC-20 > DA-P1; Transfer: DA-20mkII > SPDIF/in > SoundForge > CDWAV > MKWAV > .shn 
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The String Cheese Incident
4/20/01 - Fabulous Fox Theatre, St. Louis, MO

Souce:  (balcony rail) Earthworks SR71's > G.P. DMIC-20 > DA-P1
taped by: James Mullins - Patch provided by Eric - [email protected]
Transfer: DA-20mkII > SPDIF/in > SoundForge > CDWAV > MKWAV > SHN
Transfer by: James Mullins - [email protected]

setlist provided by

disc 1
Set 1:
1.  Smile
2.  Missin' Me >
3.  Inspiration
4.  The Road Home
5.  Bend Down Low >
6.  Blue Bossa
7.  Way Back Home

disc 2
Set 2:
1.  Mouna Bowa
2.  Sing a New Song >
3.  How Mountain Girls Can Love
4.  Galactic

disc 3
1.  Little Hands >
2.  Fearless >
3.  Texas

4.  Encore: I Know You Rider

Notes: First Time Played: Fearless (Pink Floyd cover from the album Meddle)
       sung by Travis
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e42815b3f33c395b3c4cb7b467bc387b *sci2001-04-20d1t1.shn
9cf6a059938a3136280e60df915013a0 *sci2001-04-20d1t2.shn
2e6cda2dceab968ead211d2d4964a2a4 *sci2001-04-20d1t3.shn
d0fc4570ff871b43dba49de728811bf9 *sci2001-04-20d1t4.shn
f1189549e6f90c0a37e4797762c954e8 *sci2001-04-20d1t5.shn
cc19a0b105462e2a5d80944b1d41ee6e *sci2001-04-20d1t6.shn
00a7f04f14c8400642db5ba20ef76842 *sci2001-04-20d1t7.shn
fb4797d8ef69edd68b817226a07a656d *sci2001-04-20d2t1.shn
647048cf54d45be495d3fc68a585522c *sci2001-04-20d2t2.shn
ab9956c38d4217cb643692600d13707e *sci2001-04-20d2t3.shn
c2cc1a2210392acb16f1f18205b4b354 *sci2001-04-20d2t4.shn
9b170fd56f1050ab23e98d6fc235d973 *sci2001-04-20d3t1.shn
33778468bcc39798d7ee7cfa149cb850 *sci2001-04-20d3t2.shn
9938b3a03585b4b572a1ab29f6565c0b *sci2001-04-20d3t3.shn
c76bae2b186c22f2aaf99b9dbf0940c3 *sci2001-04-20d3t4.shn

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Date User Comment
02/08/2004 Adam Bishop This is a solid recording. The mix is perfect, volumes are set just right. No one instrument over-powers another. I realize there are other recordings out there, I will not search them out though. Very pleased, I would highly recommend this seed!