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Garcia 11/09/82
E.M. Loew Center for the Performing Arts, Worcester, MA
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Checksums wav.md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 4
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Source Summary JGB, early and late shows: SBD(x) > unknown gen TDKSA90 cassette Played on a Nak CR3A > hp computer > Sound Forge ([email protected]) > CD wave > Flac. 
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Jerry Garcia Band 11/9/82
E.M. Lowe's  Worcester, MA
Early and Late Shows


A(big)cardboard box, TDKSA90 cassette Played on a Nak CR3A,
->hp computer->Sound Forge([email protected])->CD wave-> Flac->you!

Early Show
Disc 1

T01 /How Sweet It Is
T02 Catfish John
T03 Second That Emotion
T04 Love In The Afternoon
T05 Let It Rock//

Early Show
Disc 2

T01 Run For The Roses
T02 Dear Prudence
T03 Tangled Up In Blue
T04 E: Deal

Late Show
Disc 3

T01 Mission In The Rain
T02 They Love Each Other
T03 Tore Up Over You
T04 Valerie
T05 Mystery Train//

Late Show
Disc 4

T01 Don't Let Go
T02 The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
T03 Run For The Roses
T04 Deal
T05 E: Midnight Moonlight//

Show Checksums
80723672081cb52bbb9d08c9d4c3ac33 *D1T01 How Sweet It Is.wav
cb602856a2d4ccaff868c45ab2779755 *D1T02 Catfish John.wav
de59c7a06df297043d8ddee463f0d47a *D1T03 I Second That Emotion.wav
f56eb1e3515bb57b554973c7fd9855a6 *D1T04 Love In The Afternoon.wav
4ebe326718a829f6c34359c75e7671b1 *D1T05 Let It Rock.wav
f5a23314ee948f178c87e37189143265 *D2T01 Run For The Roses.wav
d3f8db25e08bd1b94a00a4e5c355cea8 *D2T02 Dear Prudence.wav
af84c0f61d6be4b8fd23d3ec6693b3fe *D2T03 Tangled Up In Blue.wav
589d62397fd7c6dfee4262a487bec85a *D2T04 Deal.wav
b182f92465ccfea0d79de39fd4f262ca *D3T01 Mission In The Rain.wav
e0fbe6d899871c931a9104be8e87dd08 *D3T02 They Love Each Other.wav
8f470a509474c66d8a0b9131e94e83f9 *D3T03 Tore Up.wav
6614717f5ea7dd4d148cce1677d3478e *D3T04 Valerie.wav
51c0b5da7c7ac0727d9db86d2887cc4f *D3T05 Mystery Train.wav
289acd6c2c0c07dc0f35b38e84d8ac9e *D4T01 Don't Let Go.wav
59e6b35a45e1c3dc2c409ffae9ac178f *D4T02 The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down.wav
f044d6ba2fa66e2ddc92330cf2ce501a *D4T03 Run For The Roses.wav
169b382b0d31a50c5e6e7077dc7a0144 *D4T04Deal.wav
176ba2af54f58dc2bc8cc758bc363717 *D4T05 midnight Moonlight.wav
D1T01 How Sweet It Is.flac:8070fda7082779feb15d1bf572c1ba82
D1T02 Catfish John.flac:c6b682feb0d4eaa6b3f3134ede95d326
D1T03 I Second That Emotion.flac:f0a3eecaf07672f2d15216c907e10610
D1T04 Love In The Afternoon.flac:07e6dead2821ef312fd7c54c02dadc0f
D1T05 Let It Rock.flac:871de03cd4d73cee980d5c744a8a6a25
D2T01 Run For The Roses.flac:2926da50b7fe483346c1f52f8cf24a8b
D2T02 Dear Prudence.flac:73dcbad147d5b57dcc38ea5fa836845d
D2T03 Tangled Up In Blue.flac:9409f4ec4224b08ca8093d6933f726b0
D2T04 Deal.flac:33bbce3de6f264c80584dfdedb10b458
D3T01 Mission In The Rain.flac:2af77dd0980a06789d1e3adef3802b4b
D3T02 They Love Each Other.flac:c61d9d3250219752b0937f75ae1b68ba
D3T03 Tore Up.flac:103a0fa771e38d34d54f91c667fabe90
D3T04 Valerie.flac:a447550ed4ab1f8ef0b267902faada0b
D3T05 Mystery Train.flac:089173d3266e909b587052898c58698d
D4T01 Don't Let Go.flac:e3b566b69a9244339953880f96ad9443
D4T02 The Night They Drove Ol Dixie Down.flac:d7f824174850445e17c2ab057097187a
D4T03 Run For The Roses.flac:5fcb255b7276e394feb8c30b52a09c85
D4T05 midnight Moonlight.flac:ca4b50a6c9e2962b322f58ec2d77a598

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