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Allman Brothers Band 11/16/91
Patriot Center at G. Mason U, Fairfax, VA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Recorded By Ron Keyser
AKG 451's w/CK1 Caspsules 17th Row (DFC- FOB) DIN On Stand> Sony D10 Pro Dat Masters (48kHz/16Bit)
Conversion By Ron Keyser
Modified Sony D10 Pro II> SPDIF> M-Audio Audiophile USB > Sony Vaio PCV-RS410 >
Soundforge V7.0 (for fades and resampling)>CDWav> Flac Frontend
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The Allman Brothers Band:  11-16-91
Patriot Center - George Mason University
Fairfax, VA

Recorded By Ron Keyser
AKG 451's w/CK1 Caspsules 17th Row (DFC- FOB) DIN On Stand> Sony D10 Pro Dat Masters (48kHz/16Bit)
(Yes it's not the D10 Pro II modified... at that point I didn't have the the Pro II upgrade or the modification)

Conversion By Ron Keyser
Modified Sony D10 Pro II>  SPDIF> M-Audio Audiophile USB > Sony Vaio PCV-RS410 >
Soundforge V7.0 (for fades and resampling)>CDWav> Flac Frontend

Notes: It seems I did not take real good notes at this show.  There is a fade in on "In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed" that I can't seem to account for.
I did NOT make that fade in with Sound Forge however I did make the fade out prior to it on "Get On With Your Life"  Other than that I added fades at the beginning and end of each disc.
I converted these Dat Masters just in time.  The shelf life was about up.  There was about 4 glitches I had to remove that were a fraction of a second long.   By copying "other channel" to the damaged area I was able to remove all glitches.

Special thanks to Kirk West.  The venue was a little taken back by "tapers" showing up and didn't want to let ANYONE in with gear. It was a bit of a scene at the doors where myself and some friends were trying to get in.  We politely asked that they ask someone who actually knows what they are talking about and I got them to track down Kirk on their walkie-talkies. Kirk came to the rescue.
Southbound has Little Feat horns on it.  There is a smokin' trumpet lead!
Vocals on Seven Turns are worth noting as well as Warrens vocals and guitar on Hootchie Coochie Man it's all RIGHT ON!!!!
High - Positive Energy Show for sure.

Set List:

Intro Jam
1. Statesboro Blues
2. End Of The Line
3. Blue Sky
4. Nobody Knows
5. Southbound
w/members of Little Feat
6. Low Down Dirty Mean
7. Melissa
8. Come On In My Kitchen
9. Seven Turns
10. Midnight Rider
11. Goin' Down the Road Feelin' Bad
12. Hoochie Coochie Man
13. Get On With Your Life
14. In Memory of Elizabeth Reed
15. Revival
16. Whipping Post

Show Checksums
abb1991-11-16d102_Statesboro Blues.flac:9dc5d91f15518772e2b1a2f89db04ad9
abb1991-11-16d103_End Of The Line.flac:b7ba320e45beafbccb6a357be620a56b
abb1991-11-16d104_Blue Sky.flac:c2510a26bfa548e3d0b0d0513719bfb4
abb1991-11-16d105_Nobody Knows.flac:bbae07b4007978d9a41be3ac58c624ed
abb1991-11-16d107_Low Down Dirty Mean.flac:370e7c12234b26ba4a36a556aa43dd08
abb1991-11-16d109_Come On In My Kitchen.flac:a4ae6654aa53d76e799494a6b3b4d1ce
abb1991-11-16d110_Seven Turns.flac:63800835bec5321f2b1b44267a83761a
abb1991-11-16d201_Midnight Rider_Goin' Down The Road Feelin' Bad.flac:39feb8ae7c91bb012cae644241338c35
abb1991-11-16d202_Hoochie Coochie Man.flac:3c576e92bbddf391f23dfb12c3702efb
abb1991-11-16d203_Get On With Your Life.flac:0555eb074039b54b6685d63eac0dab64
abb1991-11-16d204_In Memory Of Elizabeth Reed.flac:167830e4e81584ada0afea06a825c9f0
abb1991-11-16d206_Whipping Post.flac:9189f07a8379338aa1568ed928e055ef

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