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Garcia 05/19/90
Hotel Room, Kona, HI
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Garcia Interview: microphone in the middle of a hotel room > Cassette received in trade > Cool Edit Pro (convert to .wav) > flac 
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Jerry Garcia
Hotel Room Conversation - Kona, Hawaii - Big Island
May 19, 1990

Set up a microphone in the middle of a hotel room with
Jerry Garcia and a few local folks and this is what you get.
There's ambient noise and some people are more distant
from the mike than others. The tracking for the general
topics is off by a split second at times.

Basically, it's a slice of life. If you've ever been to the
Big Island or are a DeadHead in the Northwest,
you'll find parts of this pretty interesting.

This conversation sounds like it took place the day
before the JGB concert in Hilo on May 20, 1990. After a
number of years of searching, I finally found someone
who can supply a copy of the show. Once it gets here in
a week or so,I'll work on seeding it.

Until then, for those who might have the slightest bit
of interest, here's something to whet the appetite.
As usual, take it if you need it, if you don't
just pass it on.

Aloha from Maui,
Steve (aka. nassau73)

Cassette received in trade > Cool Edit Pro (convert to .wav) > flac

Disk 1
1-You're cool
4-Phone call: Ben DiPietro
5-Family & vacation talk
6-Seeing same faces show to show
8-Playing in Hawaii
9-Have a beer-Playing Colleges
10-Fantasy Band
11- On Dick�s Picks

Disk 2
1-House in Eugene
2-Playing in Eugene/NW
3-Touch of Grey/In the Dark
4-Into space, geopolitics, logging
5-Rain Forest in Hawaii
7-Earth Day
8-Bird Shit Island
10-George Bush
11-Andrew Dice Clay
12-People from Brooklyn
13-Sirens of Titan
14-Jerry on his art
15-Out of stuff to talk about
Show Checksums
01 Track D2.flac:66bfffb7c819eb042bd37b5aa62d16ed
02 Track D2.flac:0e0d11e43e05d40a5af1a49541c002d6
03 Track D2.flac:d236169d4ba7acc22d9bd6535e041cf1
04 Track D2.flac:8dfd14fa71f83f38cdef77034c29d99e
05 Track D2.flac:b368e1d3e4809a8fda5b9da86de04d32
06 Track D2.flac:9847dac7d90b069d53d8c5b4f87a02a1
07 Track D2.flac:131037d7e145a93cb5c626c3e00478b1
08 Track D2.flac:6cf46d534f4468502652483f4ec414ad
09 Track D2.flac:d7ad8b8e592d73dda61506ff511a081c
10 Track D2.flac:26400213093e8276d7857e8d277eaeeb
11 Track D2.flac:270cbe551ab0014f3f77799c442b3c65
12 Track D2.flac:5d08abf5dc858542f2363a936e70735e
13 Track D2.flac:26504e7772b761d2f438853a04a69521
14 Track D2.flac:95d366f5aca51d5a25a03bc864fbbeb3
15 Track D2.flac:6a29260f51e6cee1d83e9390dac49ecd
01 Track D1.flac:8578e3ea76774971f34547d06661d402
02 Track D1.flac:5bb7962c7c831888f66695a3104c0c26
03 Track D1.flac:b1d0aaa638db6600f95cf126e9736a33
04 Track D1.flac:f939a99def83ed6973acbbeaed851de3
05 Track D1.flac:0a3b262dacac5ed55f130b0b9077cd4c
06 Track D1.flac:46543cf3d3c35cb4e526bf608719e2e9
07 Track D1.flac:ece464fb8a73080d7aa7de5799135797
08 Track D1.flac:2b36e412f8d9dce73019487803574461
09 Track D1.flac:dbc9353da19af883d7c3d73cb32b08bb
10 Track D1.flac:aa20cde892355d90170dc1570c25745e
11 Track D1.flac:530f3ef8d1cd3eb88a986d01dfe85cdc

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