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Garcia 09/02/74
Marx Meadow (Golden Gate Park), San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders, partial show: probable lineage MSR > P > D > CD, per The Jerry Site
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Garcia & Saunders
Marx Meadows, Golden Gate Park; San Francisco, CA
9/2/74 partial

probable lineage: MSR > P > D > CD

Single Disc 45:11
1. Express//way [13:43#] [0:06]
2. Neighbor Neighbor [8:22] [0:11]
3. Mystery Train [14:52] [0:32]
4. How Sweet It Is// [7:24#]

d1t01 Expressway cut/splice @ 4:32
d1t04 How Sweet cuts out @ 7:24, missing maybe 30 seconds

second that emotion before expressway; sitting in limbo after expressway; and la la after neighbor neighbor

jerry announces permit time has run out after mystery train

sorry i included seperate seek files...first time

Seeded by: [email protected]
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08/11/2004 Eric This same source circulates as a liberated bootleg without the cut @ 7:24 in "How Sweet It Is." The cut @ 4:32 in "Expressway," however, is still present.

Text and md5 info are as follows:

Legion of Mary 9-2-1974
Marx Meadow (Golden Gate Park),
San Francisco, CA

1- Expressway (To Your Heart)
2- Neighbor, Neighbor
3- Mystery Train
4- How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)
But don't let that stop you!
This piece of music, In my opinion , is the all time greatest solo Garcia
work I have heard- in particular, track 4, beyond that, I have never seen it in circulation
If you think I'm wrong, if you have something better, I'd love to hear it!
[email protected] (or if you have the missing pieces)
Also, this disc was purchased in Japan days before the start of the Gulf war
The title on the disc is Legend of Mary , which I assume to be Legion of Mary, but DeadBase
lists this as Garcia and Saunders , but the additional players suggests this was a LoM show
A Free show in the Park
Jerry Garcia - guitar and vocals
Merle Saunders - keyboard and vocals
John Kahn - Bass
Paul Humphreys - Drums
Martin Fiero - Sax

Second That Emotion
Sitting In Limbo
Uploaded to Smilers BT page on 3/19/03 by Scott Sterchele [email protected]
lom1974-09-02 partial Marx Meadow (Golden Gate Park) MR>?>CD>EAC>MKW>SHN Now Posted! Nice Nuggets!!

3115815ab9028bd49adc743ac125f281 *lom1974-09-02t04.shn
c764623a293fc7f12ad696fa1c59042a *lom1974-09-02t01.shn
81afc9a9f8a1aa1e3b52c0e2fa68b266 *lom1974-09-02t02.shn
3232fa36667938e7004e799f714ab6dd *lom1974-09-02t03.shn
08/28/2005 Mr. Marmar I have this full show complete no cuts at all.....maybe I'll seed it when time permits