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Garcia 02/??/74
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
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Source # 8654 Other Sources
Entered by Steve Swartz
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders, specific date and location unknown: MAC (Louis Falanga's Sony ECM-250 > Sony TC-110) > DATx1 > CDx1 > EAC > CDx1 > EAC > SHN 
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Venue Unknown

Generic genealogy: A:C>D>CD

Specific genealogy:
AUDMC (Louis Falanga's Sony ECM-250 > Sony TC-110) >
DATx1 > CD1 > EAC > CD2 > EAC >
SHN; via Jack Warner.

Extraction from CD2 using EAC, re-tracking using CD Wave and WavMerge, and .shn encoding using mkwACT by [email protected]

The master cassette was simply labeled "2/74".

Single Disc (5) 71:20
1. [0:36]
2. He Ain't Give You None [26:42] [3:36]
3. Expressway// [13:36#] [0:43]
4. Money Honey [8:26] [1:19]
5. Like a Road [16:04] [0:14]

Hissier, boomier, and slightly more muffled vocals than
other Menke/Falanga auds.
d1t01 HAGYN level fluctuations first 30 seconds or so
d1t02 Expressway cuts out @ 13:36
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04e8827dac46fa1214cd5d91fca3fec8 *jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t01.shn
9b497335658a7354005da08261619829 *jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t02.shn
794dc6cd27e17070977a02d6d64582a3 *jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t03.shn
59f19d3adde01b9a37a9919781a67935 *jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t04.shn
c4c8a74f7129398bc7a7d25438c0446f *jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t05.shn
c5b8db441683b14baca67c376b28a4e8 [shntool] jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t01.shn
56e8b7f34357511826519c5ebf59abf9 [shntool] jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t02.shn
526e5f1cda0b219202b0760446905676 [shntool] jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t03.shn
fe5e27ec38bd7ae88cf32ba00ca50258 [shntool] jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t04.shn
37b0e6f88f59593898e2ddf89099b258 [shntool] jg+ms1974-02-xxd1t05.shn

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06/29/2003 Joe Jupille Lineage updated to reflect current understanding of mic/deck setup.