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Garcia 01/19/72
Lion's Share, San Anselmo, CA
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Source # 8660 Other Sources
Entered by Steve Swartz
Checksums shn-md5 , 2005-shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
Media Size
Date Circulated
Date Added
Source Summary Garcia & Saunders, set I only: MSR > C > D > CD > EAC > SHN > WAV > sector boundary fix using shntool > SHN. This set fixes sector boundary errors on the previous shn set
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The Lion Share; San Anselmo, CA
1/19/72 set I

MSR > C > D > CD
Originally seeded by mike lai

** Fixed sector boundries using shntool on 4/19/2001 **

Single Disc 61:56

1. It Takes a Lot to Laugh, a Train to Cry [7:40] [0:55]
2. Expressway [11:19] ->
3. Imagine Instrumental [7:39] [1:12]
4. That's Alright Mama [6:07] [0:24]
5. Save Mother Earth Instrumental [16:37] [1:14]
6. [0:53] I Was Made to Love Her Instrumental [7:29] [0:19]

d1t01 levels jump up @ 0:18
d1t05 and t06 Paul Butterfield on harp
Show Checksums
6577aee0d9fd41f77a1394649e5ad307 *jgb72-01-19t101-fixed.shn
e04afb8d2e434925b30f2e2b82f998c3 *jgb72-01-19t102-fixed.shn
0880d52b61b9f389d2a68993fde2ac42 *jgb72-01-19t103-fixed.shn
252c6fc3ee25f7d2410cdb4c567b9d85 *jgb72-01-19t104-fixed.shn
111f07f9bfb73ca5d69faabdd4b0fed7 *jgb72-01-19t105-fixed.shn
68eb5c7bba2413deafd42acc4b4c33c2 *jgb72-01-19t106-fixed.shn
03ccf91497944e331bec02e7665f6e2d *jg+ms72-01-19t101-fixed.shn
d48e2170111af28031a5c25449cc4742 *jg+ms72-01-19t102-fixed.shn
fbcd5d32b99c2602683c3059d226b0dd *jg+ms72-01-19t103-fixed.shn
6f5ff553fbb3b3346c83f435e7b743bb *jg+ms72-01-19t104-fixed.shn
65764979c6649652d282e22c625d46fd *jg+ms72-01-19t105-fixed.shn
9741800ffb52844e8a7ccef0f8cbcd78 *jg+ms72-01-19t106-fixed.shn
7c60639595eee2d2b601ebcc2152e40b [shntool] jgb72-01-19t101-fixed.shn
26960dda2388398627aa0221bfb5a4c0 [shntool] jgb72-01-19t102-fixed.shn
b3d79a31bbb708f844515cd0343c7923 [shntool] jgb72-01-19t103-fixed.shn
686cd476f825a370bb83a8461198b1c7 [shntool] jgb72-01-19t104-fixed.shn
59e6a56bdb969bffe0ef4abc7bfd9d86 [shntool] jgb72-01-19t105-fixed.shn
2870d64207511a96e46ca81636c0d72c [shntool] jgb72-01-19t106-fixed.shn

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Other Sources (comments)
Garcia & Saunders: sdb>... (0) JGMS; flac1644; sbd > reel... (0)
Date User Comment
10/22/2003 Caleb Epstein This show just absolutely smokes. One of the most enjoyable single CDs I have ever had the pleasure to burn. Get it, NOW.
11/23/2005 Joe Jupille Another sector boundary fix was circulated in 2005. I have designated the md5s for that fileset '2005-fix'.