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Garcia 10/06/93
Warfield Theater, San Francisco, CA
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Source Summary JGB: DAUD > Nak CR3A (maxell XL11, Dolby B) cassette > Nak CR3A playback (Dolby B, eq) > HP computer > Sound Forge ([email protected]) > CD Wave > Flac6. Transfer by John Moses. 
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Jerrry Garcia Band 10-6-1993
The Warfield, San Francisco, CA

Source:A(big)cardboard box.

DM->Nak CR3A (maxell XL11 cassette'dolby B')
->Nak CR3A (maxell XL11 cassette)'dolby B'eq out
->HP computer->Sound Forge([email protected])
->CD Wave-> Flac6

Set 1
T01 Cats Under The Stars
T02 Stop That Train
T03 Let It Rock
T04 Run For The Roses
T05 Mississippi Moon
T06 Wonderful World
T07 Lay Down Sally

Set 2
T01 Shining Star
T02 The Maker
T03 Simple Twist Of Fate
T04 Tore Up Over You
T05 Don't Let Go
T06 Tangled Up In Blue

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ff815adc9644e84b13d2f598e8ad613e *JGB D1T01 Cats Under The Stars.flac
8b2dd5995b85c27af07e7ecc90b659bc *JGB D1T02 Stop That Train.flac
821bb9e96b78c821bfcfcaea9fd234f6 *JGB D1T03 Let It Rock.flac
4099c4635fe1b0b216baef1fcfed8aa4 *JGB D1T04 Run For The Roses.flac
1012138148feb6b99363bc5ef35e2010 *JGB D1T05 Mississippi Moon.flac
d3719221194eb50bb919a3bb88fd534a *JGB D1T06 Wonderful World.flac
b5d761e672bda0b33f3d77d654207328 *JGB D1T07 Lay Down Sally.flac
d74008a1fd29bb8fe6f372189b05ff29 *JGB D2T01 Shining Star.flac
eff88116073bfacfce9a3bf225df6e60 *JGB D2T02 The Maker.flac
ab15f756ee60ccb4a89481de463ceb6d *JGB D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac
fa28df6c5772928a441069df6ab0959e *JGB D2T04 Tore Up.flac
0df73ed2bd53fc25930ccecb5d46392f *JGB D2T05 Don't Let Go.flac
484fe91725c883e5456acf18e3a667bc *JGB D2T06 Tangled Up In Blue.flac
ff917f01b561882df5eef9e72fda12c6 *jgb93-10-6 Warfield Sf,Ca.aud. flac.txt
JGB D1T01 Cats Under The Stars.flac:1ce661e8e4069e445cefd3152c568fec
JGB D1T02 Stop That Train.flac:e8f08550daf05526df22e59bac0133f1
JGB D1T03 Let It Rock.flac:b195462a6787a7511fec223e391f4fde
JGB D1T04 Run For The Roses.flac:aa30bd481582e3dccca174280731b1ec
JGB D1T05 Mississippi Moon.flac:58671b34ca7e916e0c0cdd424f742eca
JGB D1T06 Wonderful World.flac:3c688887a1ec47b00e5e0e8874cff63b
JGB D1T07 Lay Down Sally.flac:18813297df3a4d3e36b800377c229cc7
JGB D2T01 Shining Star.flac:883fadf55b0fbc36b6235ff8e8f575f5
JGB D2T02 The Maker.flac:a020b1732ac54c69184f1f548fca73ce
JGB D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.flac:37569fb2d9665e2bc483105bb1db59e4
JGB D2T04 Tore Up.flac:242cf87011799f995951be074b4e1e72
JGB D2T05 Don't Let Go.flac:c4a8b554a39f116b08c65288fb24cc5e
JGB D2T06 Tangled Up In Blue.flac:9b5dbe3e49571cc64cf1016c2a3ca3aa
c6c75877ca4ebadcbdc45338cba22237 *JGB D1T01 Cats Under The Stars.wav
2291e023b21d85b18de828006ea4059f *JGB D1T02 Stop That Train.wav
dcf48061314e51eeb4a32bf739193501 *JGB D1T03 Let It Rock.wav
7d61f8ddd089bc51e42147be32052d79 *JGB D1T04 Run For The Roses.wav
0f439b6a5ea10d497457a11d281a1a89 *JGB D1T05 Mississippi Moon.wav
7f30144b33f171eabedcac8967d90bf6 *JGB D1T06 Wonderful World.wav
e78b5b336f8d35ae7fb6b9c7e40d3178 *JGB D1T07 Lay Down Sally.wav
76f2053e10925c6986411ae6fd55d939 *JGB D2T01 Shining Star.wav
7e0022585cd911c55986945c27e1f289 *JGB D2T02 The Maker.wav
31012b1cda10b130ed1d9e40a7444f1b *JGB D2T03 Simple Twist Of Fate.wav
c395d6e2bed78d0fdcda96e7e40b17c0 *JGB D2T04 Tore Up.wav
64f3648d9b48de843948697d29bd1b72 *JGB D2T05 Don't Let Go.wav
f7ea8750edb5c4e0ec46e19fdbbd1dc5 *JGB D2T06 Tangled Up In Blue.wav

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