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Wilco 09/12/07
Jay Pritzker Pavilion - Millennium Park, Chicago, IL
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
Checksums d1-md5 , d2-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary lineage unknown 
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Jay Pritzker Pavilion - Millennium Park
Chicago, IL

1. You Are My Face
2. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
3. Pot Kettle Black
4. War On War
5. Handshake Drugs
6. Side With The Seeds
7. A Shot In The Arm
8. Impossible Germany
9. Via Chicago
10. Jesus, Etc.
11. Too Far Apart
12. Walken
13. I'm The Man Who Loves You
14. Hummingbird
15. On And On And On

encore 1:
1. Misunderstood
2. Cars Can't Escape
3. Spiders (Kidsmoke)

encore 2:
4. Hate It Here
5. Box Full Of Letters
6. California Stars
7. Heavy Metal Drummer
8. Red-Eyed And Blue
9. I Got You (At The End Of The Century)
10. Casino Queen
11. Outtasite (Outta Mind)

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b3c7b7a21bdeecf7529e51b77625d345 *wilco2007-09-12d01t01.flac
bca7dacf11e4842c1d21b539b5559c49 *wilco2007-09-12d01t02.flac
8f3bdc5ca82c388b514e26f5d92d7097 *wilco2007-09-12d01t03.flac
dae745ac435f0cef744b38a58f210f01 *wilco2007-09-12d01t04.flac
c15a69e6815e5f66ddec7896b325c3a9 *wilco2007-09-12d01t05.flac
21eb4a85c38a64f5ac6a224309be63fc *wilco2007-09-12d01t06.flac
4abfb52b7aea6c4f084ba25f89a6d5b9 *wilco2007-09-12d01t07.flac
5d7048d649df281fa9a58a73989855bc *wilco2007-09-12d01t08.flac
b853f28213608607ea9cf14ec5d3e42a *wilco2007-09-12d01t09.flac
e95c08f70e0b387d8c8c156dc87cbd99 *wilco2007-09-12d01t10.flac
05fef7d51387eba9fc5abbf04a2f2f51 *wilco2007-09-12d01t11.flac
646b56844558810a26d9c7e89fdaf949 *wilco2007-09-12d01t12.flac
fbd84f002c81d82775d79f9219ba76a4 *wilco2007-09-12d01t13.flac
0574370160a8f81fcbadece50e87c795 *wilco2007-09-12d01t14.flac
e58526d05e44258635657792f01e7bd9 *wilco2007-09-12d01t15.flac
7dbb61ad16fa2cb7f762e1eb9fdcdb13 *wilco2007-09-12d02t01.flac
e7ada2bace503545b6b2a91a7ceb00c1 *wilco2007-09-12d02t02.flac
af5d136088a8018e5d1f6fc618e83248 *wilco2007-09-12d02t03.flac
31f7e53969d0ba7b2eb206771fcf2ea8 *wilco2007-09-12d02t04.flac
1a5e27afbc34494b2087ad160cfda677 *wilco2007-09-12d02t05.flac
61726ea439fb70f10eac6aa3d96814fb *wilco2007-09-12d02t06.flac
ea1207886eb477178bbe8fb44ba641a8 *wilco2007-09-12d02t07.flac
7aa2844c194f3db1960bbedf336ea8ea *wilco2007-09-12d02t08.flac
a9e3a3a2564fcbfbaac37404c94e34ed *wilco2007-09-12d02t09.flac
b6236e2f823ee5458e12d6f66076922d *wilco2007-09-12d02t10.flac
ae8837554b320505d7a4f2d0023e9509 *wilco2007-09-12d02t11.flac
0c669a337783a3a8ad8bca8d334eb081 *wilco2007-09-12info.txt

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05/01/2008 jthomas0237 *given to me by a non taper - lineage unknown
*minor wind noise

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