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Garcia 11/23/72
Armadillo World Headquarters, Austin, TX
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Dough Sahm & Friends: supposedly "Dick's version" Master (reel) - DAT - DAT (clone) - CDR - Flac, via seed to Dimeadozen, but there are strong doubts about this lineage.  
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Doug Sahm & Friends
Thanksgiving Jam
Armadillo World Headquarters
Austin, TX
23 November 1972

Doug Sahm - vocals, guitar, fiddle
Jerry Garcia - vocals, steel guitar, guitar
Phil Lesh - bass
Bill Kreutzmann - drums
Leon Russell - vocals, piano
Mary Egan - fiddle
Hank Alrich
Benny Thurman

Lineage: "Dick's version" Master (reel) - DAT - DAT (clone) - CDR - Flac - world


notes from other torrent:
Soundboard recording, a bit faint in spots, and a few cuts and mic drops here and there.  Some of the instruments are faint, like the fiddle in "Orange Blossom Special", and the vocals are loud and raw.  You may also see this as a Grateful Dead show or as "Jerry Garcia & Friends", depending on who the listener favors.  Doug's out front singing and Jerry plays pedal steel for a good part of the night (see included photo).  It does sound very Dead-like sometimes though, as you would imagine.

amended note for this torrent:
There seem to be two versions of this around (at least), with a few different tracks and the discs broken out differently.  
THIS COPY was recieved as part of a large batch of Dead Dats that were supposedly from Dick Latvala's archive of shows that were NOT under consideration for the Dick's Picks series. Given out to close associates before his passing.

This version includes "Mr. Tambourine Man" as well as "Kentucky Waltz" and "Big Boss Man", so i believe its the MOST complete version in circulation.
tracking is left as was recieved ("roll over beethoven" etc. is actually a medley, as is the case with "shake a hand" which Doug just throws in a few lines from)
This version also seems clearer, less muffled (IMHO)...maybe there was a cass. gen. in the other lineage...I know at least 2 Deadhaeds that got this on Cass. shortly after i recieved my DAT and offered me a dub to CDR...

Disc 1
01. Hi-Heel Sneakers
02. Honky Tonk Angel
03. Closin' Time
04. Me & Bobby McGee
05. Stormy Monday
06. That's Alright, Mama
07. Come On Into My Kitchen
08. T for Texas
09. Mr tambourine man
10. (Is Anybody Goin' To) San Antone
- tape cut
11. Sugarfoot Rag
12. I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
13. Jambalaya (On The Bayou)
14. Today I Started Loving You Again
15. Columbus Stockade Blues
16. Honky Tonkin'

Disc 2
01. Orange Blossom Special
02. Kentucky Waltz
03. Big Boss Man
04. Searchin'
05. Lonely Lonely Nights / Shake a hand (last lines)
06. Hey Bo Diddley / Announcement
07. It Takes A Lot To Laugh, It Takes A Train To Cry (beg. cut - Leon vocals)
08. A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (Leon vocals)
09. Wild Horses (Leon vocals)
10. Slippin' Into Christmas (Leon vocals)
11. Money Honey (Jerry vocal)
12. Chug-A-Lug
13. Roll Over Beethoven >
    Good Golly Miss Molly >
    Roll Over Beethoven

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01 Audio Track.flac:e1a31da42fab3600cef716b471387ea7
02 Audio Track.flac:b1cbc86ec76ae0828f63ba13a2562c22
03 Audio Track.flac:905157f6abaef28aa6601b6eabaf7415
04 Audio Track.flac:98cb398390695b5da318864f4cf1d8ec
05 Audio Track.flac:005850a2f08700caec54dfed10eb9b48
06 Audio Track.flac:dccb79becd77ca211e5d9cc713651b39
07 Audio Track.flac:08359241c501089c677f5e05695da61a
08 Audio Track.flac:9ec10eaea33dbb375005dd4705627e2c
09 Audio Track.flac:c1012e3f67f5d72a23825f3746d592fd
10 Audio Track.flac:a5f92f3c781379f69ff4e1befc60d58b
11 Audio Track.flac:66fa38045d08b2a2b1478ef72a52f579
12 Audio Track.flac:8cf17f2fde5572212f76055ec58cdc53
13 Audio Track.flac:1bdf9d7719bda5dc1dfa2fb7cc0684fa
14 Audio Track.flac:b1b9708054dcac4532e4bcaf5f1fe530
15 Audio Track.flac:ccfafb2e85e9dab5dde397e0fc6de074
16 Audio Track.flac:2c558990981cab7d253257797e34bb35
01 OBS.flac:5db9fa0335f1aedd1935355511254da0
02 KW.flac:bb5cb1569ed8cc48472c5efe0c101520
03 BBM.flac:29fabb3c67897d14285863354387f14a
04 Search.flac:eebd8f747922042c174be4afa43d08cd
05 LLK.flac:31cef4ae40bb4f2fdc7926ff4f63da79
06 Hey Bo.flac:98f47328adbebc1cead80a93cd07a527
07 LTL.flac:82efb35446f72e1db2671301806d000d
08 HR.flac:1f61e084082ac83b53052a7f1706a4bb
09 WH.flac:c284560af0169a066947f74e34e014f0
10 SIC.flac:0fa2d4c5fec431c94eb70d7f55611ec0
11 MH.flac:29eea9d647a9696862cbc2a020e5f182
12 Chug.flac:a2839662443ebe6a9b54b3c5f521f5a8
13 Roll Over B.flac:462951c634b889e5283973c4350d42ec

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01/10/2008 charlie miller Dick's Dat had a cassette gen in it, and so does this.