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Wilco 07/17/07
Spazio, Torino, Italy
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Entered by Jeff Thomas
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Live at Spazio 211
Torino, Italy, 2007-07-17

Source: FM

1. Either Way  
2. You Are My Face  
3. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart  
4. Kamera  
5. A Shot In The Arm  
6. Side With The Seeds  
7. Handshake Drugs  
8. I'm Always In Love  
9. Via Chicago  
10. Impossible Germany  
11. Sky Blue Sky  
12. Shake It Off  
13. Jesus, Etc.  
14. Theologians  
15. Walken  
16. I'm The Man Who Loves You  

Encore 1:
17. Hate It Here  
18. Hummingbird
19. Poor Places  
20. Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Faded out after 4 min 30 sec)  

Encore 2:
21. Heavy Metal Drummer  
22. The Late Greats  

Show Checksums
22. The Late Greats.flac:f05a51d8ae589a23272c88f1ccbf3e45
01. Either Way.flac:6837e7edbb62ae1ced2d50bf123abd10
02. You Are My Face.flac:59730f831835a00b47bfb350f7baf385
03. I Am Trying To Break Your Heart.flac:ef2cc5fd3470ebc6c3ededa78e3cfd47
04. Kamera.flac:38f6368ffb3407cdfdd644489cf7d9cf
05. A Shot In The Arm.flac:4e591e1372b983c45dd8411d700151bd
06. Side With The Seeds.flac:6d08b6c43908b6395c8007f559edf09f
07. Handshake Drugs.flac:47bf02de539a04317372138ff22a3fb1
08. I�m Always In Love.flac:367340592b4a351f4ef815dccf44f13d
09. Via Chicago.flac:572205f42236c355a73066e19664417b
10. Impossible Germany.flac:f6649ea9a4569de9f57287fb92e32682
11. Sky Blue Sky.flac:c5fb1c08e56219796dc92e0852dc29df
12. Shake It Off.flac:7c12dbcd11094283e3ee44ac4bb92749
13. Jesus, Etc.flac:63d4c7b1951fcccaa4179f5c53767a76
15. Walken.flac:c712648e38f0a4b5d2f030cfbf576eea
16. I�m The Man Who Loves You.flac:f0352ffeb9d163395335da0bca626fb3
17. Hate It Here.flac:8b533636f21a5bac27906f0081d07b4e
18. Hummingbird.flac:43e8ca46f5f0d7fee0ad346792f77ae8
19. Poor Places.flac:15d562a68b2cde369d2d0c4c9287682a
20. Spiders (Kidsmoke) (Faded out after 4 min 30 sec).flac:69287b36a2a5851228999c4a09e82314
21. Heavy Metal Drummer.flac:b9367308916c74d2b24d8f2ab9643a42

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05/01/2008 jthomas0237 This is my first torrent ever and I am glad to share after many years of downloading great shows.
I recorded this show from norwegian fm radio, a channel called p3. The entire show was aired, but unfortunately they have faded out Spiders after aprox. 4 min 30 sec. Sacrilege! Another thing I dislike about this recording is the radio slogans/advertisements/jingles (don�t know what to call them) inbetween a few of the songs. I considered editing these out, but I ended on not editing anything. This is what was aired and has not been edited or altered in any way. Other than that... Enjoy a great show from the best band in the world!!!