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Garcia 02/13/81
Capitol Theater, Passaic, NJ
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: Early & Late Shows: MAC (Taped by Ohr Weinberg, two Sony ECM-23Fs with Nak DM-500 blend > Nak 550) > Nak Dragon playback > HHb CDR-800 master CD > TAE (overlap) > shn. A>D by Jim Wise, CD>SHN by Andy Gustin. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Capitol Theater, Passaic NJ
February 13, 1981

Two Sony ECM-23f's with Nak DM-500 blend > Nak 550 cass. master >
Nak Dragon > HHb CDR-800 > TAE (overlap) > shn

Originally recorded by Ohr Weinberg.

Thanks to Jim Wise for transferring and providing the discs!
Seeded 4/02 by Andy Gustin

Disc 1
-Early Show-
1. Heaven's Door
2. That's What Love
3. Catfish John
4. How Sweet
5. Let it Rock
6. Sittin in Limbo

Disc 2
1. Russian Limbo
2. Tangled Up in Blue
-Late Show set I-
3. crowd
4. Harder they Come
5. Mission
6. Simple Twist

Disc 3
1. Tore Up
-Late Show set II-
2. crowd
3. I'll Take a Melody
4. Mississippi Moon
5. Dear Prudence
6. Deal
7. Midnight Moonlight
Show Checksums
a77a4d09f387e84194bd4481a5db4f5d *jgb81-02-13d1t1.shn
61084caa9fca4f9ab29b9caf5ef12462 *jgb81-02-13d1t2.shn
e9b4a79391f33b78b0e01540588c56f0 *jgb81-02-13d1t3.shn
a4e8f880e829f1d75e2052ac80cb7924 *jgb81-02-13d1t4.shn
ab8a9019b77138b5dc9deb62d677bcb7 *jgb81-02-13d1t5.shn
a2be5e71fcc1209259e9844e0562eb0f *jgb81-02-13d1t6.shn
55603909b21501a009f61e374d0f79dc *jgb81-02-13d2t1.shn
d71ed88971fea11a9f6a066359f96f06 *jgb81-02-13d2t2.shn
8cd154d140f19c9876acbe740c6f1e92 *jgb81-02-13d2t3.shn
d699e73dffe286d3f8dc25d6d3b069ba *jgb81-02-13d2t4.shn
4d38e379adf4d84f3cc3f393af643c29 *jgb81-02-13d2t5.shn
c9691fa43e3ac932fa185ee7e92fa785 *jgb81-02-13d2t6.shn
1703fc4d54bd7cf1b32c9da95d8bc7ca *jgb81-02-13d3t1.shn
8bda11b2f406c6693f8b837b9911eca6 *jgb81-02-13d3t2.shn
89facfd0567a4352683f81ca9c5f0bed *jgb81-02-13d3t3.shn
bb9f593b5f310f9ba83ac1107b700a3e *jgb81-02-13d3t4.shn
58219fd3a64eb23f6045bbf5b34ba936 *jgb81-02-13d3t5.shn
838179d1df0bfcbc4b94f6e9e85be809 *jgb81-02-13d3t6.shn
997dbfc31155e21494ff4b68de32772d *jgb81-02-13d3t7.shn

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02/10/2003 Joe Jupille Recording details updated thanks to information provided by Anne Cohen.
10/22/2004 Andrew a chop or pause in Knockin' On Heaven's Door @ 5:16

a beautiful recording