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Garcia 01/17/74
Keystone, Berkeley, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums ffp , flac-md5
Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary JGMS; flac16; Matrix 4 Source Mix - SBD1 & 2 (shn id 76474) Compilation of speed corrected SBD=>MR =>DAT (44.1KHz) =>CDR (shnid = 20678) and disk 1 of Dick's Gift (MSR>DATs>CDRs>EAC>SHN) (unknown shnid) with beginning of Harder They Come patched in; upgrade of 76398 + AUD1 & 2 (shn id 76471) primary source MAC > D > CD > EAC > SHN. Recorded by Louis Falanga, Sony ECM 250 > Sony TC-110 from shnid 76399 with additional audience material added to complete show - matrix mixing by Kevin Tobin 
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Garcia & Saunders
Keystone; Berkeley, CA

SBD + AUD Matrix 4 Source Mix

Disc One 71:08
Set I
Someday Baby [16:24]
La-La* [14:04]
Second That Emotion* [15:55]
My Funny Valentine* [24:41]

Disc Two 74:41
Set I (con't)
Who's Lovin' You Tonight? [16:40]
Set II
Finders Keepers* [11:29]
Think* [11:04]
Are You Lonely For Me Baby? [22:34]
Harder They Come [12:49]
*From Dick's Gift

Disk 1:

??/??/74 Unknown Venue, Unknown City, Unknown State  

1. Finders Keepers  10:12
2. Think  9:12
3. Lala  11:34
4. I Second That Emotion  14:31
5. My Funny Valentine  23:59

Comments: This tape circulates labled "LOM Mystery Tape", and usually with 4 songs before Finders Keepers (see ??/??/73). These songs are from the winter or spring of '74, before Martin Fierro became a fulltime member. Supposedly found in vault unlabled by Dick Latvala. It is doubtful that all these songs are from the same show.

Recordings: 71 SBD (MSR>DATs>CDRs>EAC>SHN)
Extracted and shorten compressed by [email protected]

SBD2 (shnid 20678)
SBD=>MR =>DAT (44.1KHz) =>CDR

DAT TSF =====> Ziggy
EAC > .shn ======> Seth K
Seed discs =====> courtesy of Tommy Banjo. Thanks!

Disc 1, Track 1- fades in, and the first few seconds of intro are missing. Disc 1, Track 1-Digi noise: :21-:25; :52-:55; 1:04-1:05; 1:18-1:26; 1:34-1:36; 1:45; 2:21
Disc 1 Track 1- Right Channel is low until: 1:39 Also, levels are being
adjusted, and full instrumentation does not occur until 2:04 Disc 2, Track 5- vocals out of the mix, entire song. Disc 2, Track 7- 10:44 Jerry says: Sure is quiet for Berkeley. (pause) This is Martin Fierro.
Disc 2, Track 9  Intro and first line (They tell me there's a pie up in the sky) is missing.

AUD1 (shnid 10024)
MAC > D > CD > EAC > SHN
Recorded by Bob Menke, unknown setup.
Extraction using EAC, retracking using CD Wave,
sector boundary verification using shntool, and
.shn encoding using mkwACT.

d1t04 Second That Emotion light tick @ 4:22
d1t05 My Funny Valentine cut/splice @ 16:08
d2t02 Finders Keepers cuts in, not much missing
d2t02-03 pop just before track marker
d2t06 Lonely for Me (master?) anomalies @ 10:36-11:04
d2t06 Lonely for Me cuts out

Additional Notes:
Variable speed problems throughout, though absent
those problems (which really aren't that distracting)
this is an excellent recording.  I will not note specific
speed-related anomalies in these flaw notes.

This is tracked and noted as a three-set show, consistent
with the taper's recollection and notations.  However, it
seems at least possible that this material derives from two
separate shows, either from 1/17 and 1/18 or from early and
late shows on the 18th.  First, the show is longer in terms
of sets and minutes than just about any other Garcia & Saunders
show on record. Second, Finders Keepers, Think, the "sure is quiet
for Berkeley" comment, and Are You Lonely For Me Baby? have
circulated since at least 1990 with a date of 1/17 (albeit
1973, which seems clearly incorrect).  Third, the tuning break
during "set III" (disc four) has two separate audience members
calling for songs that appear earlier on this recording
(Finders Keepers and Second That Emotion).  It seems unlikely
that two separate audience members would have forgotten
what had been played only an hour or two earlier and/or
requested that a song be repeated.  Ultimately, we will
probably never know, but this material rocks nonetheless!

AUD 2 (no shnid)
no lineage given
Tech Notes

SHNs were decoded to wave and Audition 1.0 was used to reassemble
the tracks back to 1 long wave.  Audition 1.0 was used to align &
synch the both SBD & AUD sources.  Audition 1.0 used to adjust the
volume for the AUD, matrix/CTR and LFE channels.  Surcode
CD Pro DTS was used to encode to DTS.
- First 2 minutes of Someday Baby fixed by bob - thank you
- Mixed by [email protected]
- FLAC conversion 27-FEB-2008  
Multitrack Mixdown Settings


Stereo Matrix
SBD -0
AUD -0


Stereo Matrix
SBD -0
AUD -0
I matched the speed of this recording to the Dick's Gift - sbd was a bit fast overall (about 1.5 second per minute) and audience was a little better (about 1/4 second per minute) in comparison. I also switched the left and right tracks of the sbd in order to match Merle on left track and Jerry on right as it is on Dick's Gift. This is the same as shnid 76401 except that alternate audience was found to end disk 2 that also filled in the missing sbd portion of Harder They Come.

Audio Patching:
1) First 7.036 of Someday Baby patched from audience to give better lead in. The rest of Someday Baby came from sbd source.
2) The next 2 minutes of Someday Baby were inserted from a fix patch sent to me by Bob. "I fixed most of the digisnits from the aud source which was adjusted to match (when it was an improvement). A couple of the smaller ones the cure was worse than the fix so I left them, I also adjusted leveling problems in the sbd source."
3) Between Someday Baby and LaLa - 20.277 was missing from sbd - patched and normalized from audience.
4) 2 sec gap was removed from between (all) tracks on sbd source.
5) LaLa came from Dick's Gift.
6) 2:20 between LaLa and Second That Emotion filled in from sbd source.
7) Second That Emotion came from Dick's Gift.
8) 1:12 between Second That Emotion and My Funny Valentine filled in from sbd source.
9) My Funny Valentine came from Dick's Gift.
10) 16:08 in My Funny Valentine - 38.439 was missing from audience - patched and normalized from Dick's Gift
11) First 13.288 of Who's Lovin' You Tonight patched from audience to start disk 2.
12) Who's Lovin' You Tonight from sbd source.
13) Last 13.425 of Who's Lovin' You Tonight patched from audience to end Set 1.
14) 39.500 was missing from start of audience Finders Keepers - patched and normalized from sbd source.
15) First 39.500 of Finders Keepers from sbd source.
16) Finders Keepers came from Dick's Gift.
17) 1:12 between Finders Keepers and Think filled in from sbd source.
18) Think came from Dick's Gift.
19) Rest of the show comes from sbd source.
20) 15:35 in Are You Lonely Tonight, Audience source 1 ends. 0:22 was then replaced from the sbd and the secondary audience source was used to finish disk 2.

Brokedown House Production

    length     expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt   ratio  filename
    16:24.53      173702300 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d1t01.wav
    14:04.59      149020412 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d1t02.wav
    15:54.36      168370316 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d1t03.wav
    24:42.25      261483644 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d1t04.wav
    16:40.57      176534108 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d2t01.wav
    11:29.31      121612556 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d2t02.wav
    11:04.60      117270764 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d2t03.wav
    22:34.44      238949132 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d2t04.wav
    12:49.33      135729260 B   ---   --   -----    wav  1.0000  jg1974-01-17d2t05.wav
   145:45.23     1542672492 B                            1.0000  (9 files)
Show Checksums
797c01d1fe345080ccda090f9ea58397 *jg1974-01-17d1t01.flac
ec66349fd7f404309064dc082c4a533a *jg1974-01-17d1t02.flac
fccd68a79d5edd69c5ef5e18150a26ff *jg1974-01-17d1t03.flac
386bf97392b814991fd5f92f71723b65 *jg1974-01-17d1t04.flac
84ab883c98518d94abb0169f651c9026 *jg1974-01-17d2t01.flac
ee4ccaa775b6864d58f18e35b24d1936 *jg1974-01-17d2t02.flac
599e86c85adfa905d67355f3259d181d *jg1974-01-17d2t03.flac
43bad89a62287487dbe36193c895c7e1 *jg1974-01-17d2t04.flac
b290b591605ee8710f0b6c89fa1c198f *jg1974-01-17d2t05.flac

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