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Grateful Dead 10/17/83
Olympic Center, Lake Placid, NY
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums shn-md5 , st5
Disc Counts 2 / 3
Media Size
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Source Summary MATRIX MIX: 2 SBD/ 1 AUD (About 60%/40%); this source fixes a flaw in the previous matrix source 
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Grateful Dead
Olympic Arena
Lake Placid, NY
October 17, 1983

MATRIX MIX: 2 SBD/ 1 AUD (About 60%/40%)

2 SBD:

Recording Info:
Set 1: SBD -> Master Cassette -> Dat -> Sonic Solutions -> CD -> EAC -> FLAC
Set 2: SBD -> Master Cassette -> Reel -> Dat -> CD -> EAC ->
Samplitude v7.02 Professional -> FLAC

Patch Info:
(FOB/12th Row) Sennheiser 421 -> Master Cassette (Sony D5) -> Dat -> CD
Patches in "Samson" and "Space"

Edited By Charlie Miller
[email protected]

-- Seamless transition between discs 2 and 3.

Recording Info:
(FOB) Sennheiser 441 + (1) Neumann U87 -> Cassette Master (Nakamichi 550) -> Dat (48k)

Transfer Info:
Dat (Sony R500) -> Sound Devices 744T -> Samplitude Professional v10.02 -> FLAC

All Transfers and Mastering By Charlie Miller
[email protected]
March 24, 2008

Patch Info:
(FOB/12th Row) Sennheiser 421 -> Cassette Master -> Dat -> CD (shnid=347) supplies:
Drums (complete track)

-- Recorded By Rob Eaton
-- Dat provided by J.J. Clifton

Matrix by Hunter Seamons using Final Cut Pro (SHN & FLAC>AIFF>Final Cut>WAV>SHN)
April 3, 2008

Thank you to mayormarionbarry and Charlie Miller for their beautiful work and seeds at etree.


d1t01 - Sugaree ->
d1t02 - Little Red Rooster
d1t03 - Friend Of The Devil
d1t04 - My Brother Esau
d1t05 - Bird Song
d1t06 - Hell In A Bucket ->
d1t07 - Deal


d2t01 - Touch Of Grey
d2t02 - Samson And Delilah
d2t03 - To Lay Me Down ->
d2t04 - Man Smart (Woman Smarter)
d2t05 - Terrapin Station ->
d2t06 - Drums ->
d3t01 - Space ->
d3t02 - The Wheel ->
d3t03 - I Need A Miracle ->
d3t04 - Goin' Down The Road Feeling Bad ->
d3t05 - Good Lovin'

d3t06 - Revolution


1) While there are minor gaps in all sources at various places, there is a three-minute gap in the AUD patch (Sennheiser 421) during Drums, so only the SBD plays for part of Drums.

2) The speeds of all sources were relatively close (within 1%), so there were no MAJOR speed changes.

3) I was extremely impressed with the results of merging these sources. (I have abandoned several other matrix projects simply because I do not like how the sources sound together.) While the Set I SBD is significantly better than the Set II SBD, which sounds "flat," the AUD source really rounded out the sound in Set II. I would say this is my best sounding matrix yet in terms of fullness of sound and syncing techniques - and an amazing show! Set II has some awesome moments as well - I like Space a lot.

4) Enjoy!

Show Checksums
39e8fd33f9fa037c4133b526640f98bd *gd83-10-17d1t01.shn
d405595244e039aa8238a279c37d3a65 *gd83-10-17d1t02.shn
58d7e2028dab1f77f91e5bcdee8c6bc8 *gd83-10-17d1t03.shn
b108ef8a56560ca79713a319ec7aca65 *gd83-10-17d1t04.shn
2c9204f468fa6a676ff931910845c186 *gd83-10-17d1t05.shn
8d0185235ace3d7aa5403f7c06e818cc *gd83-10-17d1t06.shn
902cf02d4a1e36bdb776e7f9041f9dda *gd83-10-17d1t07.shn
3acd779454f89a52ec723bf5e1038112 *gd83-10-17d2t01.shn
b8c0a2707e354d5e7815cc5dded875a0 *gd83-10-17d2t02.shn
b7f1f932d71496dd97c8c742fae998a4 *gd83-10-17d2t03.shn
91de15570596bdcb29f893c22203d3c3 *gd83-10-17d2t04.shn
13ed93288ade2945430eeabe9798ca47 *gd83-10-17d2t05.shn
0fc5d4622cda042f8b20b1d1d3f456d3 *gd83-10-17d2t06.shn
d727ebd65c8b95380293c154045fc6e2 *gd83-10-17d3t01.shn
40575adf0893edd75c62639e6417ce33 *gd83-10-17d3t02.shn
99e23df9e61e396b2f11372e5036def3 *gd83-10-17d3t03.shn
2a61706b84a14f97fc78614adc7bbb19 *gd83-10-17d3t04.shn
0c0aa7ec749d18c847617e199ed203c1 *gd83-10-17d3t05.shn
3ed784c0bce37e1057562e163b950506 *gd83-10-17d3t06.shn
ee68f01447c87b3ffa8e7b1ad7e8adb4 [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t01.shn
b5b76a2e6c7d5d4488727d07fc866c27 [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t02.shn
39046877197cbd0dd245673c78ac78b3 [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t03.shn
7b9c3f86a306f8379051c4aadb4a03dd [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t04.shn
0779e78cf1f91faced6e9700101539c8 [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t05.shn
98174c64382aeea45bd64e90f7cf2b4d [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t06.shn
57f75c2d9d7d7f5ff54512aa9b1096ed [shntool] gd83-10-17d1t07.shn
27de2adab288c06f9be1c51061e65eb3 [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t01.shn
b5a2cde635383ebb67b9371c50468115 [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t02.shn
0aaeb79416b774cc7dd8f27e92abec65 [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t03.shn
2f043536f43de4e118fe55998e91237b [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t04.shn
d15a5662951f0d79c7b37297d0f8a240 [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t05.shn
176e2459d403529e145b6ecf70325f4c [shntool] gd83-10-17d2t06.shn
015fb9e8b281ed41d53a92e1e716bc04 [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t01.shn
2c6223b6af7cc1438fd37322008fbe89 [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t02.shn
de421e9991cc1a5a976ab57a0f6b9f0f [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t03.shn
ce30827d5ff8a2bad50e2de8a55f3b57 [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t04.shn
de3c48b4fa9c680f07f960eb7b0de0ae [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t05.shn
27387435b87704802d2bc294ea87d06c [shntool] gd83-10-17d3t06.shn

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Date User Comment
04/20/2008 hseamons Hello Reader,

The previous source's Sugaree was slightly out of sync for about 2 minutes (5:10-7:10). I was out of my element for that track, but no other. I made sure this prolonged unsyncliness was banished from the matrix. I can say with confidence that this is a very well synced matrix and a worthy find in the matrix realm. A+, friends, A+. Peace.