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Grateful Dead 02/05/70
Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums st5 , shn-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary SBD MR> C> D> CD + AUD low-gen; more material than previous versions, >80 min including bonus track; pitch correction, EQ, CD mastering by Hanno Bunjes, with thanks to Uli Teute 
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Grateful Dead 2/5/70 Fillmore West, San Francisco, CA

SBD MR>C>D>CD + AUD low-gen

01. Seasons Of My Heart
02. The Race Is On
03. Big Boss Man
04. Black Peter
05. Mason's Children
06. // The Eleven >
07. Caution jam >
08. Goodnight jam >
09. Caution >
10. Not Fade Away >
11. Cumberland Blues
12. Uncle John's Band

Tracks 1 to 4 are from the AUD tape.
Track 5 is SBD except 7:12 onwards patched from AUD.
Tracks 6 to 12 are SBD.
This is all that currently circulates according to Deadlists.

bonus track:
13. Mason's Children
Complete AUD version. This bonus track brings the total disc
timing to 80:33, so many burners will not be able to burn all
this onto a single CD.

pitch correction, EQ'ing & CD mastering by H.B., 4/02
thanks to Uli for the AUD tape!
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39d61d9b651b4f8778072b29bf377dc8 [shntool] gd70-02-05t01.shn
de3ad10a900301d026955dfb0ad54b53 [shntool] gd70-02-05t02.shn
bdb82f49cb26bea041b18f11530ba2b6 [shntool] gd70-02-05t03.shn
7681b3de8e2e95ba23d490b055f744cc [shntool] gd70-02-05t04.shn
91ae3c830a160bcbbf763e3a621a7409 [shntool] gd70-02-05t05.shn
c018df4c2c824141065fd64f9c429015 [shntool] gd70-02-05t06.shn
8bbfd094396983e3813b4aa715ff9d52 [shntool] gd70-02-05t07.shn
a297be1cb18fe856e8737accd367269e [shntool] gd70-02-05t08.shn
1b44aa6a99c8179962ad65aef0272d58 [shntool] gd70-02-05t09.shn
60204081c7b6e01cb7cb03c13145eb5f [shntool] gd70-02-05t10.shn
1a361c00e0be7fcbf0df310219e2be4e [shntool] gd70-02-05t11.shn
ed71cdb94f6c3388eac5b010eb16fe76 [shntool] gd70-02-05t12.shn
35111549f452cb37b5898fa981997c9d [shntool] gd70-02-05t13.shn
4a2bfac438985074a9914e4593a007b3 *gd70-02-05t13.shn
bc17995110067ed2d03a7732440bc5d5 *gd70-02-05t02.shn
ba33a622e449b308e950d856cb340375 *gd70-02-05t03.shn
a5af3c8d029bd3ae3e48dfb5fa7e1fcf *gd70-02-05t04.shn
f32582762c37750c35a46696c32ea76f *gd70-02-05t05.shn
49888531711070500e8fe82c8b4e56ad *gd70-02-05t06.shn
ef671da9d668b1ee31f3e0c9496fa66d *gd70-02-05t07.shn
fbbf2fc2a2d614a0f026c2a9e6f82387 *gd70-02-05t08.shn
f4be035e2e21353e81f8629ca7e27880 *gd70-02-05t09.shn
038dad7d93ef93de268a9268631a0b70 *gd70-02-05t10.shn
283624250a82d0a1d42c2f4ab09c38ad *gd70-02-05t11.shn
484c1979a59ef175616a05f10495530b *gd70-02-05t12.shn
6a8c564846ca8077f12f4896e5212494 *gd70-02-05t01.shn

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Date User Comment
02/17/2006 Josh D despite the notes saying "pitch correction" tracks 3 and 4 are still running fast/sharp. Comparing to a guitar tuned to 440, an adjustment of -45 cents using Cool Edit Pro's Pitch Bender function makes them sound correct.

The rest of the tracks are at the correct pitch. Somehow those two were missed or done improperly.