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Garcia & Kahn 11/23/84
Chrysler Hall, Norfolk, VA
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Entered by Adrian Spidle
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Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary Lineage: Sennheiser ME80s->Sony TC-D5M->Master Cassette Transfer: Sony TC-D5M->WaveTerminal U2A->USB->PC->CDWAVE->WAV->MkwV097.B1->SHN Location: Row 15 DFC Mics 15' in air 
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Jerry Garcia and John Kahn Acoustic
Robert Hunter opened

Chrysler hall
Norfolk, Va
November 23, 1984

Lineage: Sennheiser ME80s->Sony TC-D5M->Master Cassette
Transfer: Sony TC-D5M->WaveTerminal U2A->USB->PC->CDWAVE->WAV->MkwV097.B1->SHN
Location: Row 15 DFC Mics 15' in air

Set 1 - Robert Hunter
01 - Promontory Rider
02 - Jack Straw
03 - Rock Colombia
04 - Easy Wind
05 - Touch of Darkness
06 - Tiger Rose
07 - Amagamalin Street
08 - Box of rain

Set 2: Jerry Garcia and John Kahn
01 - Deep Elum Blues
02 - Friend of The Devil
03 - Little Sadie
04 - Peggy - O
05 - Oh Babe, Ain't No Lie
06 - Run For The Roses

Set 3: Jerry Garcia and John Kahn
01 - When I Paint My Masterpiece
02 - I've Been All Around This World
03 - JackARoe
04 - Birdsong
05 - Good Night Irene

Notes: This show was the day after Thanksgiving and Jerry was looking like he had just a little too much
Turkey. The guitar work is great. Afterall, isn't that why we kept going back for more? But his voice was
really hutin this night. The show was short but sweet. The second set Birsong was exceptional.

The theatre was pretty small and it was GA. We parked ourselves in the dead center of the 15th row and
jacked the Sennheiser shotguns way up, thus the recording quality is excellent as there were no rules that
evening. Not one of Jerrys best nights, but well worth a good listen.

Unfortunately, Hunter didn't come out and play with Jerry as we all expected, but you cant have everything.

The SHow will fit on 2 80 minute CDS if you put Hunters Set and the first 5 tunes of Jerrys set 1 on Disc 1
and the Rest on Disk 2. Or you will need 3 Disks if you want to keep things separate. That is up to you.

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91a57ee36cc774c8965cbd609516ed47 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S2T01.shn
d18e293bc9867a20396e4085dc5ca6c6 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S2T02.shn
7c6ecb4d5fb3f13444cc9092cfef0352 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S2T03.shn
fb0c55d12be6422df6b9d8908742f884 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S2T04.shn
ab755da017757ddca783e49f2e5cb049 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S2T05.shn
ecc85110a90e022e0b2846ab5964bd55 *garcia and kahn 1984011-23S1T05.shn
cd471895654d1283347df35b7e09b185 *garcia and kahn 1984011-23S1T06.shn
2e7b0d63d4435581292ea8e36437361c *RH1984-11-23T01.shn
f43abb4172436ab086a6020003c94776 *RH1984-11-23T02.shn
b8e46f6f0a3352af8d95d55c30f96605 *RH1984-11-23T03.shn
9d12c43ba3949fc210e6bfe3e8874d62 *RH1984-11-23T04.shn
cb3b7f4e081458018d6dfaa5114545c6 *RH1984-11-23T05.shn
e92570a1f1be2229cf1c0c82d725bf97 *RH1984-11-23T06.shn
0c59d2eced9949ceb27011639890bfe3 *RH1984-11-23T07.shn
b6cbfeaaee0d55be694aea09bde49c39 *RH1984-11-23T08.shn
14f8087a616b86713ebe4b14778ed3ef *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S1T01.shn
e8e5664f4d876f9bc6ead675d9ec233b *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S1T02.shn
ca7725bfd2a9fc5e70fbe887cf9268b4 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S1T03.shn
af96211b659113cd1fd849b3eec0d0d6 *garcia and kahn 1984-11-23S1T04.shn

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05/14/2008 lscott Shouldn't this be moved to Garcia rather than Garcia/Kahn?
05/15/2008 jjoops-garcia It is listed under Garcia, which you'll see if you browse Garcia sources. But the cross-listing functionality between the master Garcia artist and the downstream, specific configurations has never recovered from a tweak made a few months ago ...