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Garcia 02/02/80
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
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Disc Counts 2 / 2
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Source Summary JGB: John Angus and Scott Hart's uncertain mics > Sony TC-D5 (Maxell UD-XLIIs) MAC; Sony TC-D5 playback > Roland UA-30 USB > MAC G3 Powerbook > CD/0 > EAC > CDWave > FLAC level 8. Cassette transfer by slipnut. 
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Jerry Garcia Band
The Stone
San Francisco, CA
February 2, 1980 (Saturday)

Source: FOB Audience;
Tapers: John Angus and Scott Hart;
Field Recording Equipment: uncertain mics > Sony TC-D5 (Maxell UD-XLIIs);
Transfer (slipnut): Sony TC-D5 playback > Roland UA-30 USB > MAC G3 Powerbook > CD/0;
Track & FLAC (jj): EAC > CDWave > FLAC level 8.

Disc One (5 tracks, 48:04)
--Set I--
d1t01. //It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry [8:#14] [0:08]
d1t02. They Love Each Other [9:19] [0:08]
d1t03. Money Honey [8:12] [0:13]
d1t04. Sitting in Limbo [13:14] ->
d1t05. That's //Alright Mama [8:#22] [0:11]

Disc Two (6 tracks, 70:29)
--Set II--
d2t01. The Harder They Come [16:37] [0:01]
d2t02. When I Paint My Masterpiece [13:40] [0:18]
d2t03. Russian Lullaby [14:41] ->
d2t04. After Midnight [15:27] ->
d2t05. Eleanor Rigby [3:33] ->
d2t06. After Midnight [5:30] [0:39]

Lineup (via The Jerry Site):
- Jerry Garcia: guitar, vocals;
- John Kahn: bass;
- Ozzie Ahlers: keyboards;
- Johnny de Foncesca: drums.

- Contrast clause: this is different from the Porray master, as determined by different chatter and applause on the two tapes, though the pattern of cuts and such is strangely similar.  This one sounds better to my ears than the currently circulating version of the Porray tape (shnid 92369), though it's possible that a side-by-side transfer of the two tapes on the same gear would reveal similarly excellent pulls of this excellent show.
- d1t01 Train to Cry cuts in. I left it abrupt, rather than fading it in, to facilitate eventual patching should a complete version emerge. Watch your speakers!
- d1t02 TLEO may be considered to clip in;
- d1t05 That's Alright Mama drop/splice @ start (possible tape flip?);
- d2t01 HTC muffled first 0:03.
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