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Grateful Dead 08/28/81
Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
Checksums flac-md5 , ffp
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary flac16; Matrix Mix - SBD Source: SBD>?>CD>WAV (100%) and AUD Source: MAC>DAT>CD>WAV (50%) 2008 Update: Encore Source: Barry Glassberg's master audience recording. Matrix by PainoMan 
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Thirteen Points
The Grateful Dead
Long Beach Arena
Long Beach, California
28 August, 1981

Matrix Mix

SBD Source: SBD>?>CD>WAV (100%)

AUD Source: MAC>DAT>CD>WAV (50%)

2008 Update:  Encore Source:  Barry Glassberg's master audience recording (shnid=91231).


Disc One:  First Set
1.  Jack Straw [6:20]
2.  They Love Each Other [6:58]
3.  Me And My Uncle [2:56] >
4.  Big River [6:47]
5.  Althea [8:24] >
6.  Little Red Rooster [8:55]
7.  Brown Eyed Women [7:05]
8.  Let It Grow [10:41] >
9.  China Cat Sunflower [5:51] >
10. I Know You Rider [5:13]

Total: 69:10

Disc Two:  Second Set
1.  Shakedown Street [15:34] >
2.  Lost Sailor [6:59] >
3.  Saint of Circumstance [6:29] >
4.  The Wheel [6:33] >
5.  Jam I [5:46] >
6.  Never Trust A Woman* [7:54] >
7.  Jam II (Jerry, Brent, Billy & Mickey) [3:41] >
8.  Drumz [7:01]

Total: 59:57

Disc Three:  Second Set (Continued)
1.  Space [4:04] >
2.  Spanish Jam [7:39] >
3.  Truckin' [8:48] >
4.  Wharf Rat [9:56] >
5.  Sugar Magnolia [5:21] >
6.  Sunshine Day Dream [3:30]

E:  U.S. Blues [5:20]

Total: 44:47



Dell Inspiron 8200
Windows XP w/ Service Pack 2
EAC 0.95 beta 4
Multiquence 2.51
Adobe Audition 2.0
Ozone 3 (Audition Plug-In)
CDWave 1.96.1
FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Etree Edition)



* First "Never Trust A Woman"

D1T01 - From 0:00 to ~1:09 AUD source only (Jack Straw)
D1T07 - From ~2:07 to ~2:16 and ~3:44 to ~3:53 AUD source only (Brown Eyed Women)
D1T10 - From ~5:10 to 5:13 AUD source only ("We're gonna take a short break...")

D2T01 - From 0:00 to ~0:39 AUD source only (Shakedown Street)
D2T06 - From ~1:40 to ~2:04 AUD source only (Never Trust A Woman)
D2T06 - From ~2:40 to ~2:50 SBD source only (Never Trust A Woman)

D3T04 - From ~8:02 to EOD AUD source only (Wharf Rat through Sunshine Daydream)

Discs Two and Three are seemless across discs.


Ok folks, this one was a labor of love!  

This show was probably the first soundboard cassette I acquired, many moons ago, and I have loved it ever since the first time I listened to it.  I can honestly say that if I absolutely HAD to pick one show to listen to, this one would be it.  Hell, after this little project I don't need the recording... I can play it back in my head note-for-note!

When I was adding in the aud patches to the original soundboard source, I worked with a program called Multiquence to do the crossfades.  I like a nice smooth transition from aud to sbd, and when I got the the two sources in sync to do the crossfades, I noticed that the two sources together sounded pretty cool!  So after a while I decided to try to do a matrix-type mix and see what I came up with.

I had discovered that the soundboard source was pitched slow when I patched it with the aud, and I corrected it for the 05/22/02 seed.  As I began to try to sync up the two sources with more percision for the matrix mix, I discovered that not only was it slow, the speed also varied constantly throughout the entire recording.  It varied only by a very small amount, and you could really only detect it by doing this type of mix.

In Multiquence, using the aud source as the base, at the beginning of the recording I corrected the speed of the soundboard source to match the aud.  When it soon went out of phase, I made a virtual split in the wavform just before it went out of phase.  I then adjusted the speed of the new section, using the peaks of the waveforms and my ears as guides to again match the aud source.  Very soon again, the soundboard source would slowly drift out of phase sometimes slowing, sometimes accelerating.  I would then repeat the split-and-correct process to get it back in sync.  I ended up making 59 sections for the First Set, and 93 sections for the Second Set.  Some sections are only a few seconds long, and some are a couple of minutes.  The longest section I had was right around five and a half minutes.

It was a very painstaking process and I really wanted to make this thing sound good.  The mix is 100% soundboard and 50% audience, with 100% audience in the sections where there was missing material from the soundboard source.  In those areas I tried exceptionally hard to make the crossfades so smooth that you can't hear the transition from aud to sbd/aud at all.  Well, I don't think I got it just exactly perfect, but if your not really paying attention too closely, you might not notice the transitions.  I know exactly where they are because I listened to 'em over and over and over and over and over again!

This is an absolutely FANTASTIC show (Willy would tell ya that the night before was better, and he was there so maybe he's right, but I dunno...).  They boys were not just playing songs on this night, they were creating an incredible universe complete with galaxies, planets, and stars.  I swear this is a magick recording.  Every time I listen to it I hear something I hadn't heard before, an accent is a bit stronger or in a different place.  Get baked and kick back with this one at a good listening volumn and you WILL be taken there!

In the end, I think I got a better sounding recording than the aud or soundboard source alone.  I know there must be an easier way of doing this type of thing, with SMPTE time coding or something, but with the tools I had available to me, I think it came out pretty cool!  But you can decide for yourself, and please let me know what you think.

Once again, major domo arigato to Willy and Chris Cantergiani for the SBD source discs, and to Frater Pederabo for the AUD source discs!

PainoMan ([email protected])

Yokosuka, Japan - Colorado Springs, CO

January 2004 - December 2007
Show Checksums
4d3dea9a5ee2bb6e8e99968561456a9a *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t01.flac
d77fb413011081f45af5f55c9692c1b1 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t02.flac
5961ef8a42f23bcc69b0b52d7d2e0f67 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t03.flac
114cd8da917a75f0a04bf10347913651 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t04.flac
5a6b1dba28bae6f26812525ee1559b31 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t05.flac
e3a6cac4c1b4814ab20f5ae204bcf5e9 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t06.flac
1e780a761e3c21d1e7cf5c31f7cee9a4 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t07.flac
4ed3ee18d12fddef329545070af425e7 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t08.flac
920b25e8dbe889de5be04775817ff3a5 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t09.flac
f22096a5c214c2c602d8fbe14a216b61 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d1t10.flac
ed59091811d9b5a000603e04f372f029 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t01.flac
bcd9dafd37e7ed470e860c8d7b17ad8e *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t02.flac
08e8e56106cb86cea5bfdf119d24fb67 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t03.flac
ac59cbf692d68146b7e46396da5b9ec0 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t04.flac
3767df45a97894e6ef86fc9ad7f113ba *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t05.flac
3effc53ee1efbfe3f2dae02d24e44904 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t06.flac
dd3d6ddeb4e2bf5b977daf375407b1ad *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t07.flac
20ce27a2c4d0660f5e97e7b2cc013138 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d2t08.flac
9ca29510073d408f3403eef1e3253452 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t01.flac
5694cad86514ca6de2d59d7a9de081c9 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t02.flac
fab47ae646669d21add18c10b2defd85 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t03.flac
ecbbc7b67e5c64b1fe8ac2b703542571 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t04.flac
de61d3a1a3890fbee764ec1cebc865bc *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t05.flac
918da9ac49ff89655610df979746b149 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t06.flac
8ed5c921599143be0b58ae33ed5f7478 *gd81-08-28-matrix-d3t07.flac

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