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Phish 05/23/00
Roseland Ballroom, New York, NY
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 0 / 3
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Source Summary via lemon2; no info file- rumored to be B&K, no further info to be forthcoming; because of reportedly lesser sound quality ("too much bass and crowd. The mix is really way off"), may not have gotten around servers much 
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d2b5c51cca10ff9ae2ce6a93d51721d9 *ph5-23-00D1T01.shn
a62ab24cbd4feb373dd2f2cf283bdc2e *ph5-23-00D1T02.shn
7bdee913b3e64183b446d029ab2c67cb *ph5-23-00D1T03.shn
82a51638c12094fe9d8c6c1be16306a4 *ph5-23-00D1T04.shn
d95323b025638e5f00a4a968e3740a86 *ph5-23-00D1T05.shn
71350817df213ebafcaf7a9adab20816 *ph5-23-00D1T06.shn
6cbf95d414211a21539c3b70c2b52ee5 *ph5-23-00D1T07.shn
e122f67da3d5b6c04d52c89b15daa0c8 *ph5-23-00D1T08.shn
e1d85f646c3d3472482c5a10b94971cd *ph5-23-00D2T01.shn
a2e0c80b2fe08a1c103afc0c2dbb1346 *ph5-23-00D2T02.shn
7a3a77c8571770fddc79160ab2663373 *ph5-23-00D2T03.shn
2fb27f0c3b86099a5400ce527c67d966 *ph5-23-00D2T04.shn
e6399a2772af4fd1e6030ba48901340d *ph5-23-00D2T05.shn
24f03870d10acbfb2d67b0f7476c6c5b *ph5-23-00D2T06.shn
74bdf4d488d6bcbfe5b66b6f62bfcd06 *ph5-23-00D2T07.shn
5def646229e16cf32c7dd9e3da6e1df3 *ph5-23-00D2T08.shn
dbc8cfb8e18a1bce6ffe72d3ad1d522d *ph5-23-00D3T01.shn
c5680f50bba40f709b811a9d2fc31bc1 *ph5-23-00D3T02.shn
91e4945f0a44709cbbc0958f31a1c7a0 *ph5-23-00D3T03.shn
d2668ad0a5fddc356d4f98e98efcdb4e *ph5-23-00D3T04.shn
2ddc775e88952825b060868b15de6680 *ph5-23-00D3T05.shn
d2ae10aa93e87a20e15f6d8e6547e5db *ph5-23-00D3T06.shn

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