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Garcia 03/18/78
Warner Theater, Washington, DC
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Entered by Brett Heald
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Source Summary Jerry Gracia Band: Early Show. Master Audience Cassette (Nak CM700s>cassette deck)>DAT>CDRs>EAC>SHN (seekable). Thanks to Andy for the source disks. EAC>Shn by darrin ([email protected]) 3/2002 
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Jerry Garcia Band
Warner Theatre, Washington D.C.
March 18, 1978 -- Early Show

source: Master Audience Cassette (Nak CM700s>cassette deck)>DAT>CDRs>EAC>SHN (seekable)

1. I Second That Emotion
2. They Love Each Other
3. Knockin' On Heaven's Door
4. That's What Love Will Make You Do
5. Love In The Afternoon
6. Mystery Train

Thanks to Andy for the source disks

EAC>Shn by darrin ([email protected]) 3/2002

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91a4cbe4ddaa970e44b5452755640aa5 *jgb78-03-18-early-t01.shn
48ea4eaf9c05894d14b7c0d65cce1c1b *jgb78-03-18-early-t02.shn
4a2f7ef7fd06a176414c23b31cc418a0 *jgb78-03-18-early-t03.shn
f1be7cb64b7c4f76ce5a00ce7f09f7f9 *jgb78-03-18-early-t04.shn
3979c4307ac7b94db8d1046ce27bbf12 *jgb78-03-18-early-t05.shn
882b509f72865298c2069133906b1ad1 *jgb78-03-18-early-t06.shn

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Jerry Garcia Band, Late... (1)
Date User Comment
09/05/2005 Giancarlo I think this is likely the same original FM soundboard source (from WHFS) that at least one person remembers being broadcast around the same time as the late show. Both these shows seem to have a crowd mic which is turned up at different points (owing to the clarity of chatter at some points in the late show) that could have led to conclusion that this is an audience source. Now that both shows are on an official 'Pure Jerry' release (from the pre-FM reels), it appears that both this source and all the late show sources are from the same 'creatively' mixed sbd source. Of course, if someone knows who recorded this source, then I'll stand corrected!
09/06/2005 Joe Jupille This is also more than a year too early for Nak 700s, by most reckonings, which casts some doubt on the given lineage.
09/07/2005 Joe Jupille That said, I am a little dubious about an FM broadacast of the early show. Wouldn't it be just as ubiquitous as the late show, or nearly so?
09/08/2005 Joey Browning Both of these shows were broadcasted,then a few years later the late show was aired again.I remember being in my car listening,and thinking that i should be home taping it.
09/08/2005 local yokel Aired once in it's entirety,(1 week after the show I believe),it was possibly broadcast on the night of 3/18,in real time, then, YEARS later again, but only the late show which was not complete.Instead, they threw in 2 songs from the early show,hence, the mix-up over the 2 songs that were not part of the late show,2nd That Emotion & Mystery Train.WHFS never let loose of it again.
09/08/2005 Gary On the rebroadcast there is also a station ID voice over in the middle of Lonesome and a Long Way. Damn that Tom Terrell.
09/11/2005 Giancarlo I seriously should have listened to this source and the pure jerry release side-by-side before my first comment!This source clearly is different than the sbd-aud (sometimes) mix of the late show and the pure jerry releases. Besides the crowd noise, there is definitely an ambient-room-sound to the recording that would only come from an aud source. As others have pointed out elsewhere, it really is a great recording!