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Garcia 10/02/66
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by dr.unclear
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Source Summary part of supplement Acid Test compilation; md5s and txt shown are for "disc 6" 
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Disc Six: [41:56]
Supplementary CD#2 - San Francisco State Acid Test (alternate version)
"Whatever It Is" Festival October 2, 1966
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA
Stereo Control Room Master (rec. 4:00AM - 6:00AM)
Source(s) unknown, this has different lineage, and some different edits to the "intact" version. Specifically some contemorary (Tomorrow show '81?) interviews are spliced in, and the sound collages towards the end are presented in a different sequence.

01. Jerry Garcia intro 0:20
02. A Mexican Story: 25 Bennies 3:41
03. Get It Off The Ground Rap 9:32
04. It's Good To Be God Rap 2:40
05. Nirvana Army Rap 0:52
06. The Butcher Is Back 3:14
07. Acid Test Graduation Announcement 1:29
08. Send Me To The Moon 1:22
09. Jerry Garcia interview 0:40
10. Sound Collage 3:43
11. Ken Kesey Interview 0:22
12. Sound Collage #2 9:58
13. Jerry Garcia Interview 0:19
14. Music / Sound Collage #1 2:14
15. Ken Kesey Interview 0:15
16. Sound Collage 1:15

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11acb589b092135796d7ba6ea906030d *acid6t01.shn
5390dad46c40239122ed9db44066b737 *acid6t02.shn
d277d744a771a30aa42ffe3ae58daf56 *acid6t03.shn
f765d28840cb51027ce6b405e60e44ee *acid6t04.shn
a25db7a527fe0ee6371f6cba099fae24 *acid6t05.shn
d4a7a0599082f574cfd763ee0887d96d *acid6t06.shn
d27d48d460e73cecc2d40310b3b6ac44 *acid6t07.shn
633101d60765581e4d2da72e7c40f22d *acid6t08.shn
40c1fded0bf3da1fa03a378683ba4b9c *acid6t09.shn
ee516a58450d643c1b985b0a1bed2cee *acid6t10.shn
60b43611ffcf80929974b7b356b56c4a *acid6t11.shn
5c3c3eb97f78ecc92747c78f86795a97 *acid6t12.shn
bd43dbe84e8296a7b2e631a77ba77bc1 *acid6t13.shn
5c508060df70ea95c5492cb70f85a2d0 *acid6t14.shn
f991efff1ac454f129fc1a0afc947955 *acid6t15.shn
1c03835cc73d090474bbd8c7e72bdc4e *acid6t16.shn
908fcf5b7334f10b929d44f14ffe3c90 [shntool] acid6t01.shn
4654310e1cb050c1139012a3a099c334 [shntool] acid6t02.shn
848c5f53efb4a43bdea13b81e6ee943a [shntool] acid6t03.shn
5c4a51a896ddf99b704cc89129b3c3f3 [shntool] acid6t04.shn
f8d18b99c212738be33fb023966cf9e8 [shntool] acid6t05.shn
c6ef28c28f2112591a363702e9d0a473 [shntool] acid6t06.shn
2fcf582c7adedfa4be3c88cff0e69c8a [shntool] acid6t07.shn
d638e814b55c8e43ffeffa66ba014066 [shntool] acid6t08.shn
857c87b74e8c31b27e0995dbd7c99ec7 [shntool] acid6t09.shn
a0851bc322912da73cf77f46f5031311 [shntool] acid6t10.shn
c9aab8e681692e2a8adffbd2d4a106b3 [shntool] acid6t11.shn
b72181c3bca65122a765b5dd574748a3 [shntool] acid6t12.shn
f6054dc9bb456d321f19308863469f3d [shntool] acid6t13.shn
cf9505e3c56a71f589999ef73826fc13 [shntool] acid6t14.shn
ce0bb16f9b165a3831cb8fdf3e9f9a4d [shntool] acid6t15.shn
134555ba8ad20d74166a5547cbaf447d [shntool] acid6t16.shn

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