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Billy Martin (illy B) 02/19/02
Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
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Entered by Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Source Summary note 48K archival master; DPA4061 > TCD-D8 encode: TCD-D8 > CMI-8738 > SF4.5 (tracking, normalization, 1.85dB volume boost, fadeout); via Peter King 
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DJ Sessions w/ MMW & guests
February 19, 2002
Boulder Theater
Boulder CO
48k archival master

Billy Martin - curator, percussion, gadgets
DJ Olive - turntables
DJ Scott Hard - turntables
John Medeski - keys
Chris Wood - bass
Mike Ill - guitar, vocals
Ming-Xiao Fen - pipa
Charlie Burnham - violin

encoded by pwking (sleepypedro_at_yahoo_dot_com)
Wed 02/20/2002 @ 2:06pm

source: DPA4061 > TCD-D8
encode: TCD-D8 > CMI-8738 > SF4.5 (tracking, normalization, 1.85dB volume boost,

you'll notice this is one long track. expand the .shn file, and if you open the .wav in
SoundForge or CoolEdit you'll have marks for tracks. If you'd like to downsample to 44.1
and burn audio disks, be my guest. PLEASE run 'shntool fix *.wav' on the separated
tracks if you do such a thing though.

i of course would prefer to break the show into individual tracks, however: SoundForge
doesn't cut on proper CD sector boundaries, which is a problem. further complicating
things is the fact that shntool fix doesn't work on 48k files. SO... this is the best possible
solution for now: the full 48k fidelity is maintained, and trackmarks exist in the master .wav
for those who want to put out audio disks.

if shntool DOES work with 48k files, please email me at the below (and above) email
addresses. thanks.

i was so impressed, i bought the company!
created by SHN2k (v.0.92_beta2)
the shorten compression assistant for windows 2000 + beyond
written by peter w. king (sleepypedro_at_yahoo_dot_com)
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05/20/2002 Hamilton, Diana This may or may not circulate, but perhaps other downsampled> audio shn "daughter" copies may in the future. If so, folks should feel free to email me txt/md5s on those for new entries. Thanks!