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Garcia 01/15/73
Inn Of The Beginning, Cotati, CA
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Entered by Steve Swartz
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Source Summary Garcia & Saunders: MSR > PCM > DAT > CD > EAC > SHN. This set has an edited disc one from the existing .shn set, intended to improve upon the grievous problems (from the master reels) of this material. Disc two is identical. See info file for details. 
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Garcia & Saunders
Inn Of The Beginning
Cotati, CA

The tracks on disc one have been altered from
the originals.  I increased the levels,
substantially in tracks 1, 2 and 3 and to a
lesser extent in tracks 4, 5 and 6.  Several
"pops" were also removed from tracks 3 and 4,
using EAC's Process Wave tool.  Where there
was no music to recover, the original recording
was left intact.  This was done to make the
first 2 tracks of this show listenable.  I have
not touched any of the tracks for disc 2, as
their condition as copied from the original
master was much better, than for disc 1.

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Disc 1
Set 1

01 Hi-Heel Sneakers
02 Expressway (To Your Heart)
03 Lonely Avenue
04 Find A Rainbow (1)    
05 Georgia On My Mind (1)    
06 Honey Chile (1)  

Disc 2
Set 2

01 I Second That Emotion  
02 Soul Roach  
03 I Was Made To Love Her (1)  
04 Go Climb A Mountain (1)- Summertime (1)
05 That's All Right, Mama  
06 Money Honey  

(1) Sara Fulcher on lead vocals. Find A Rainbow has a substantial cut. Go Climb A Mountain has a 12 second splice presumably due to reel flips. The sound is greatly distorted for first 2 songs and partly distorted for songs 3 and 4 due to problems on the reels. This is one of the shows discovered in the Betty Cantor auction.

Source: MSR>P>D
Transfer:D>cdr>eac>shn by Katy Miller
contact:[email protected]
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e97c55c8183f4eeed5fd0ea90f980f01 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d101.shn
9e5ed4b30243d47fdffd8fd5e254796c *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d102.shn
0b09d4547fd9c9fbdd0d1e1f6bab4111 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d103.shn
b356655521713da7ee122564a3430645 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d104.shn
dec3757f11f813438b9408e28289150b *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d105.shn
85f6137165d815dad30a7f627a8f5b86 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d106.shn
e9bf1759a3d1c7db86832a349d1766a4 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d201.shn
e5c6df951bb2ec3c39b3a2367e04ad98 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d202.shn
e282606481732311646747c44aa7f684 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d203.shn
f7661828638363b9dde72d33b76ced3c *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d204.shn
53a7afb8eb5a37e350a1c62c14eac4b5 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d205.shn
98650480931e8bef8af18d36aec5e306 *Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d206.shn
51eec48dbcd6176d67fd1687602feb85 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d101.shn
58826c8504fdfe5811215293ce313a59 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d102.shn
6fd1efda308272f64c51c9b08d665680 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d103.shn
e40d55363d978c5e5c4140d089e8508f [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d104.shn
5b93041fe7dc1ddeda3cc9220730d589 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d105.shn
1fc135fc17eb847f0c524c38418f887c [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d106.shn
538f41226b29b55d91998250c3ea839f [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d201.shn
f10390e8c8b632a4d0dff3d5bfcb3261 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d202.shn
0bb4b738885496af30f769e9e3c8aa86 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d203.shn
316a6499e8ec823cf3668e0421f83655 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d204.shn
ce1e90b2a826d88eb6ac87d02cee966d [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d205.shn
c26d9a515307320175426029e503db48 [shntool] Garcia&Saunders73-01-15d206.shn

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