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Garcia 05/23/73
Ash Grove, Los Angeles, CA
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Entered by Steve Swartz
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Source Summary JGMS, Late Show: MAR (The Night Crew's Sony ECM-22Ps > Sony 770) > 2R > CD > EAC > SHN. 
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Garcia & Saunders
The Ash Grove; Santa Monica, CA
5/23/73 Late Show

MAR (Taped by Night Crew, Sony ECM-22Ps > Sony 770) > 2R >  playback on Akai GX-4000D > A/D using an ART DI/O into an Egosys Waverterminal 2496 digital sound card > HHb 800 master CD > one or two CD gens > HP 9350i extraction using EAC (v0.9 beta 4) > tracking using CD Wave (v1.6) > sector boundary verification using shntool (v1.01) > .shn encoding using mkwACT (v0.97 beta 1). A > D by David Minches, CD > SHN by Joe Jupille.

Single Disc (6) 69:12
1. //It Takes a Lot to Laugh It Takes a Train to Cry [7:30#] [1:07]
2. Expressway [11:33] [1:45]
3. Money Honey [6:21] [2:18]
4. Little Bit of //Righteousness [18:39#] [1:52]
5. Like a Road [10:33] [0:15]
6. That's Alright Mama [6:53] [0:23]

d1t01 Train to Cry cuts in, not much missing
d1t04 Little Bit of Righteousness brief cut/splice @ 17:29

Note added 8/16/2008 (jj):
- The d2t04 instrumental is "Little Bit of Righteousness", from the Merl Saunders release Keepers.  It had previously been listed as "I Can't Keep From Cryin' Sometimes".
Show Checksums
3320c5bfd3050f29e656a7e370cfe2c1 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt01.shn
76d89933246e8f135f09b9b00d9343e1 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt02.shn
eb5b0e4cb7bae1658069171548449189 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt03.shn
9da37ab7c547daaed87515f3c963ef1e *jg+ms1973-05-23bt04.shn
9ad77cd0abe755a13fdb898ab4458095 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt05.shn
36a28ca4bffdcfdde602c16fa4e47218 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt06.shn
d1e471edaef2698d5800ae257b1c661a [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt01.shn
6a94f73624ba2e5da2f10592b90d5fdd [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt02.shn
cd31ba56efa3e58a42cb9136d7d13a7b [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt03.shn
3bcde92ec751cd0defeaf577f1f5c537 [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt04.shn
3b77ac38614639740e02530b2ac604ff [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt05.shn
2e4dcb3f21af68977eab752d18781964 [shntool] jg+ms1973-05-23bt06.shn
7e5b4bb0f5f6241f5dc0b324c484cd1c *jg+ms1973-05-23bt01.wav
150d8a41ff41f910ed427d72450ef2ed *jg+ms1973-05-23bt02.wav
41c3217912cf6616f8ff990b56b5c16f *jg+ms1973-05-23bt03.wav
3e0329e37b6cb6b619dbad3e844a067e *jg+ms1973-05-23bt04.wav
b7617acaba7cdcaaa7dd4ddb98cafe5f *jg+ms1973-05-23bt05.wav
ad6a3fc97102d8845c5ae027df197e05 *jg+ms1973-05-23bt06.wav

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12/15/2002 Joe Jupille I have recently made two changes to the info file. The first is to correct/update the lineage information. The second is to update the setlist, since Alan Bershaw has identified the wonderful instrumental as a jam on Blind Willie Johnson's "I Can't Keep From Crying Sometimes."
10/29/2004 C Miller Not the greatest audience recording, but not the worst either. Fairly listenable. The show itself is fantastic.