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Marijuana Jazz Band 12/26/99
4th Street Tavern, San Rafael, CA
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Entered by Alan Dorchak
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary *Alan Hertz's Marijuana Jazz Band*
{onstage} AKG461 > DA-P1 (DAT); Transfer: DAT > WAV via Lucid PCI24 > Soundforge & CDWav > SHN [no DAE]
Dankseed Certified  
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Marijuana Jazz Band
4th Street Tavern

source: AKG461 (onstage) mics->DAT->Lucid PCI24 digital soundcard->Soundforge->CDWav->SHN
transfer and encoding by Syd Schwartz on 6/17/2001

Disk 1:
1.  Tuning/Chatter
2.  Mr. Potato Head Jam->
3.  Mr. Potato Head
4.  Tuning/Chatter
5.  If You Only Knew
6.  Footprints
7.  Tuning/Chatter

Disk 2:
1.  Jam (w/Kai Eckhardt on bass)
2.  Lucille Has Messed My Mind Up (w/Ike Willis)
3.  Outside Now (w/Ike Willis)
4.  Tuning/Chatter

Disk 3:
1.  Tangled Hangers
2.  Tuning Chatter
3.  Chameleon Jam
4.  Why Can't We All Just Samba
5.  Africa

Steve Kimock
Terry Haggerty
Chip Roland
Alan Hertz
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65988c3003b96ba1a9158af27bed4698 *mjb1999-12-26d1t1.shn
c189a23d5f1e47fc0c2260d537244d76 *mjb1999-12-26d1t2.shn
abee3e5182e69d13924a2d45b320225e *mjb1999-12-26d1t3.shn
d5af6841807b8ecab121cc9129664af4 *mjb1999-12-26d1t4.shn
7be0bfc2be610df855d0ee9248ae33d7 *mjb1999-12-26d1t5.shn
9211b6977ecc977cc49f4b0e1731465d *mjb1999-12-26d1t6.shn
5ebb6a92a6e761b1463df3202f18361d *mjb1999-12-26d1t7.shn
25c8d3199baaefa717a019d7768b9b29 *mjb1999-12-26d2t1.shn
b21e57d4b27bd61e576b07649030bc70 *mjb1999-12-26d2t2.shn
3f591553ec9217c2f4dbd2c3ff90f55d *mjb1999-12-26d2t3.shn
8bdcae49d832210e9b8dbd38edb64ca6 *mjb1999-12-26d2t4.shn
e7f03dcfcbfb26badf41829f92574093 *mjb1999-12-26d3t1.shn
06be86ff729ae1fd5dace44a7d14c77b *mjb1999-12-26d3t2.shn
aa907502f020e5f80bf4504ab2b215b3 *mjb1999-12-26d3t3.shn
ebcc0b706ff68b86d1c63aeb2f7f2dce *mjb1999-12-26d3t4.shn
86e8f206c42ac9c8893154b2d7bef765 *mjb1999-12-26d3t5.shn

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