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Garcia 04/25/81
The Stone, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Sing Out For Sight Benefit; Garcia, Weir, Kruetzman, Hart, JKahn; Acoustic; AUD>MC>??>DAT>CDR; via Paul B; Seeded to etree by Willy 
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Grateful Dead
Berkeley Community Theatre
Berkeley, CA
April 25, 1981


Acoustic Set

Deep Elem Blues
Dark Hollow
Monkey & The Engineer
Friend Of The Devil
El Paso
Babe It Ain't No Lie
On The Road Again


Oh Boy


-Sing Out For Sight Benefit; Garcia, Weir, Kruetzman, Hart, JKahn

-This show is a good candidate for an upgrade, but it does have rare 80's acoustic versions of Friend of the Devil and Oh Boy

-I used CD Wave and Shntool to retrack and verify sb's, and CE2K for all editing.

EAC/SHN by Willy
[email protected]
Seeded to etree 05/30/02
Audio discs provided by Paul B

Another installment of The Music Never Stopped Project!
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83334b5eabbab4b016631a8749a3d846 *gd81-04-25t08.shn
55fc72e1f0240d6c15c29f812d2bcde2 *gd81-04-25t02.shn
88fd44026b4d0b85ff4611b9cff4ef60 *gd81-04-25t03.shn
1763de5b28dec5ea770652723c143be8 *gd81-04-25t04.shn
4f9b9c60f03c5a54cbb6d4ea2cc6de92 *gd81-04-25t05.shn
dce0aab5325a3820bacf436959a90f32 *gd81-04-25t06.shn
c8f26d388339967105cd662c94d036ae *gd81-04-25t07.shn
27811ab417b7f289f709f862ed41dd71 *gd81-04-25t01.shn
45512322cfe8aa364577d3f6738f3490 *gd81-04-25t09.shn
e1df1a83fe45f09928b0ca93638e780d *gd81-04-25t01.wav
8d4ac60c6b87e4bf6f8c73753b3a8030 *gd81-04-25t02.wav
f89936066547529634be09e8f66e4be8 *gd81-04-25t03.wav
15cca4eb717488c73a84bc46f9f08edb *gd81-04-25t04.wav
132850e0c01456e17fa3e7d7023bc5f7 *gd81-04-25t05.wav
24818d02916d606a1d9e2eeeb8599fc4 *gd81-04-25t06.wav
3ab7e95d0d3e68995cad73e877d92051 *gd81-04-25t07.wav
5b99ac1ed6d0c3b883f0ea418569d529 *gd81-04-25t08.wav
122ccf26f9c24fd27d295ccebf56e5eb *gd81-04-25t09.wav

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