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Trey Anastasio 05/28/02
Open Air Theatre, San Diego State University, San Diego, CA
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Entered by Ben Mohr
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Source Summary Neumann km150 (front right corner of SBD) > Lunatec V2 > Apogee AD-1000 @44.1kHz > Sony D8; Sony PCM-R300 > Waveterminal 2496 > Soundforge 4.5 > CDWav > mkwACT > SHNv3; Taped and transferred by Andrew Rakow  
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Trey Anastasio Band
Tuesday May 28th, 2002
Open Air Ampitheatre
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA

Source: Neumann KM150's(at front right corner of sbd)>Lunatec V2>Apogee AD-1000 @44.1> Sony D8
Transfer: Sony PCM-R300(master dat-coax)> Ego-sys waveterminal 2496>Soundforge 4.5>CD Wave>MKW 0.97b w/ seek tables appended

Recording and Transfer by Andrew Rakow

CD 1-Set 1
1) Cayman Review
2) Burlap Sack and Pumps
3) Small Axe
4) Money, Love and Change
5) Alive Again

CD 2-Set 2
1) Last Tube
2) Flock of Words
3) Noodle Rave Daddio
4) Acting The Devil
5) Mr. Completely
6) The Way I Feel
7) At the Gazebo

CD 3-End set 2
1) First Tube
2) Thunderhead
3) Push On 'Til the Day
4) Encore: Sultans of Swing (Live debut-Dire Straits cover)
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157ddb392e3e6493e5dcdf961750834f *trey02-05-28d1t05.shn

cff7d50f190fbc5b58c8971b5cfd4f6c *trey02-05-28d1t02.shn

cb2852912cd534b902e878f828abf765 *trey02-05-28d1t03.shn

d410483425272a5a95a55630e8f819bc *trey02-05-28d1t04.shn

c4f8d625bccc46ffc888228cf8373f3c *trey02-05-28d1t01.shn

09954f42cfb8c239e0b01680178e87a4 *trey02-05-28d2t07.shn

0c8842c104e954582d332c2fa665646a *trey02-05-28d2t02.shn

bb86cdb75f2373d369a09d089b6ad1a9 *trey02-05-28d2t03.shn

1346b11518610ff42b5e926305e07e11 *trey02-05-28d2t04.shn

6a9ca2a8f3961c8109bbcdc34cb4fd21 *trey02-05-28d2t05.shn

e27450232d7d98f26b174fff50e3bc9b *trey02-05-28d2t06.shn

5cae45d57fcc7f24a37d6f7a2037cab2 *trey02-05-28d2t01.shn

78088db12ebf032e2e57852a743fdb7b *trey02-05-28d3t04.shn

9458253eb2a3e384d267e8ce6c744d8b *trey02-05-28d3t02.shn

b58ec7ee08a873560dae325b139706ec *trey02-05-28d3t03.shn

d68d51a78460b1c00ebb4ad741171413 *trey02-05-28d3t01.shn

0f27859e0774f63079a9690ced3fb84a *trey02-05-28d1t01.wav

aead21f0865d2e1b8683746d3b986bef *trey02-05-28d1t02.wav

d898e168dfb6600ff0bad80f162d00c3 *trey02-05-28d1t03.wav

a57bf4b600d11a5289689edb81cd4563 *trey02-05-28d1t04.wav

9259b5be2ad43ccad9bc2d6087050f95 *trey02-05-28d1t05.wav

b9253076b1d5508990774da1e3b1a0ce *trey02-05-28d2t01.wav

8c100766ef69619eead53bc93a754370 *trey02-05-28d2t02.wav

6bb9a0537708f23faffb6836076eefaa *trey02-05-28d2t03.wav

71a0c56fcc3b95bafb99ac087048927c *trey02-05-28d2t04.wav

2f2bc7df6504fc2cff89f098acf706c7 *trey02-05-28d2t05.wav

bcb35a368fcd8393e1a1480beace0764 *trey02-05-28d2t06.wav

4bd64efc3f8f35b703a6ddb91aea92d4 *trey02-05-28d2t07.wav

bb416f144f9071f4198f626178eed8ca *trey02-05-28d3t01.wav

96b3e604fbf0fa6d6e87a322f0e9af26 *trey02-05-28d3t02.wav

c67a687377ffd79a6f5a4e42325e14d5 *trey02-05-28d3t03.wav

d943b58a89ee1144e6b25ea10b428992 *trey02-05-28d3t04.wav

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Date User Comment
07/27/2002 Jim Raras Great job Rak (and Paul)! Very crisp recording, with nice separation of the individual instruments--which is sometimes an issue w/ TAB seeds. I highly recommend this one!