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Phil Lesh & Friends 12/19/76
Warfield, San Francisco, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Possibly SBD -> Cass x3 or 4 -> CDR -> Soundforge -> CDR 
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Too Loose To Truck
Keystone Theater, Berkeley, CA

Berkeley, CA, December 19th 1976:

Possibly SBD -> Cass x3 or 4 -> CDR -> Soundforge -> CDR

1. //I Saw Her Standing There -> 5.22
2. High Place In Your Mind 8.23
3. Drop Your Drawers -> 5.12
4. Space -> 2.00
5. Louie Louie Jam -> 4.56
6. Since I Fell For You 4.46
7. `Bite that buzz? 0.47
8. Shake Rattle & Roll 4.17
9. Detoxify 5.49
10. Glory// 5.09
11. Suwanee River 7.44
12. Really Like To See You 6.09
13. Stagger Lee 8.15
14. Goin? To The River 4.46
15. The Harder They Come 5.35

There's a noticeable buzz on the p.a. system on tracks 5 & 6 prompting Phil's comments on track 7.
Brief dropout on track 8 at 0:34.
Track 10 has a 2 second left channel dropout at 4.27 patched from the right channel and a quick fade at the end where it cut abruptly.

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a2aad946da524cb06b192903a3b4ec01 *tltt76-12-19t01.shn
a72dacf2e39006a7da2efc9096871e23 *tltt76-12-19t02.shn
877f81dfa06788c731502b13b19c3fbb *tltt76-12-19t03.shn
92727b624c6259c12766127af5c1dc12 *tltt76-12-19t04.shn
72ef40e1160b5979d1b472c06b4ab6ee *tltt76-12-19t05.shn
a9a8190f9106f62f2200e29ef1941d5b *tltt76-12-19t06.shn
5e0608a5aaaa1570654d479c15cf7cd5 *tltt76-12-19t07.shn
c32bf3dcc459218cabb584eac395207d *tltt76-12-19t08.shn
b2177d57da298472f94e7b10b45af6d9 *tltt76-12-19t09.shn
80ea96652275261577d5490855e8183c *tltt76-12-19t10.shn
f4004d3acbd12a40a06480f9525095b3 *tltt76-12-19t11.shn
5cb326036043831d72361f9386f37a4d *tltt76-12-19t12.shn
b4adda01ea10af15110e59f049bf6c07 *tltt76-12-19t13.shn
9b3fb55e8f3454fd9ad81656841347b3 *tltt76-12-19t14.shn
476101a16b128c729883bfbea3dd3016 *tltt76-12-19t15.shn
a1223a7e33ddeda7c19facff28f3dfea *tltt76-12-19t01.wav
d311c7a634e5f291d2838723d8b1167e *tltt76-12-19t02.wav
1fbc2abfc9c86856b2a066c73befce95 *tltt76-12-19t03.wav
f279e47735d1d373469de5409c9c7cd0 *tltt76-12-19t04.wav
6daacc95c6951071c7a6d330e141504e *tltt76-12-19t05.wav
1aea8dbe61d50b75762439e67f0f1de3 *tltt76-12-19t06.wav
eb6ea026db6dbbff5884265e24efaddd *tltt76-12-19t07.wav
ce854367b43c6194dd66b9a575729cef *tltt76-12-19t08.wav
17ad1643c98440684da00b129995d01b *tltt76-12-19t09.wav
41734597e9dc50160a5466c1a2d2dcc6 *tltt76-12-19t10.wav
4e36d50532373404132541f36f764266 *tltt76-12-19t11.wav
3c02a84b4d6edc47e0bcbb77de0c4bed *tltt76-12-19t12.wav
471986c64a81ce18b4a62a9c5b055b00 *tltt76-12-19t13.wav
0ef34d9086c6df5695bbeff11a122e29 *tltt76-12-19t14.wav
fa94a07b2acca3b2853373c9d53f0d47 *tltt76-12-19t15.wav
4d9a7f84bf7149337f3994e38af61914 *tltt76-12-19.txt
395773763e123ece344700f9a8b1fa63 *Too Loose To Truck 1976-12-19 CD#1 Berkeley CD#1.CUE
7f655952630aa8774a7b4c1a01e9ff2d tltt76-12-19t01.flac
9b8423fcd4cb2f219c5c5646817d2c37 tltt76-12-19t02.flac
776e29dd5bd9e42c27c958b301ecbd7d tltt76-12-19t03.flac
cb6026d97e5897a3c77243afdf7ce964 tltt76-12-19t04.flac
db5df7bd46f6f4c60bc7aefc5e318464 tltt76-12-19t05.flac
5d31e4c3ec7f4b208c26d5c63a918168 tltt76-12-19t06.flac
48b16fd6702abbdb8b12a4f7eab7ef68 tltt76-12-19t07.flac
3421ccec785e96fd535fde2207979d60 tltt76-12-19t08.flac
ded8589e84ce8bdc706911a6a29c4e7e tltt76-12-19t09.flac
8268c4f19c0e1a73e419b28309d76f87 tltt76-12-19t10.flac
a235da2552fe9722b4923bff7a0361fc tltt76-12-19t11.flac
3c482f1372be6579d7dd307b7315bab7 tltt76-12-19t12.flac
1000433c917e1fd91619d2650e462e2e tltt76-12-19t13.flac
bb3b10a96be9476f157cdd5bd8c70c49 tltt76-12-19t14.flac
63293b722e393021ce9ed536cd4283c7 tltt76-12-19t15.flac

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