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Garcia 10/31/92
Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum Arena, Oakland, CA
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Entered by Matt Vernon
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Source Summary Jerry Garcia Band: set II: unknown taper, FOB Schoeps CMC34 > Panasonic sv255. Transfer: 16/48 DAT clone > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) > LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) > Wavelab 6.0 by Todd Evans. Editing and Mastering: Jamie Waddell on the GEMS Edit Station. Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT – 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither. Encoding by Dazed64. Tracked in CDwave, FLAC’d Flac Frontend level 8. Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Tagging. 
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The Jerry Garcia Band
October 31, 1992
Oakland Coliseum
Oakland, CA

FOB Digital Audience Recording
The James Young & Clay Brennecke FOB Vault Collection
[email protected]

Lineage: DAT Clone of DAT Master

Recording Equipment: Schoeps CMC34 > Panasonic sv255

Recording Location: FOB

Recorded by Unknown

Transfer: 16 bit – 48kHz DAT Master > TASCAM DA-20 (SPDIF out) ->
LynxTWO-B Audio Reference Interface (SPDIF in) ->
Wavelab 6.0 by Todd Evans ([email protected]) February 23, 2009

Editing and Mastering: Jamie Waddell ([email protected]) on the GEMS Edit Station.
Weiss Saracon for 16 BIT – 44.1kHz SRC and POWR-3 Dither
Encoding by Dazed64. Tracked in CDwave, FLAC’d Flac Frontend level 8
Tag & Rename for FLAC Meta-Tagging.

Art: Gyro

A **GEMS** Production

Set 2
d2t01 | Crowd
d2t02 | Shining Star
d2t03 | And It Stoned Me
d2t04 | Ain't no Bread In The Breadbox
d2t05 | What A Wonderful World
d2t06 | Tore Up Over You
d2t07 | Waiting For A Miracle
d2t08 | My Sisters and Brothers
d2t09 | Tangled Up In Blue

d2t10 | Werewolves Of London

The James Young & Clay Brennecke FOB Vault - a GEMS Production
May 2008 ... we are in progress with The James Young and Clay Brennecke FOB Vault Transfer Project. We have all the Master DATs and are hard at work transferring, editing and soon to be releasing the shows Clay & James recorded from 1991 through 1994.  James and Clay began recording with B&K 4011 microphones and a Sony Pro DAT in the Spring of 1991. Summer 1991 mainly saw recordings from the Front Row Dead Center of the Official Taper Section (OTS). June 28, 1991 was their first FOB Recording. And starting with Fall 1991, all of their recordings were All FOB All The Time!  Early they recorded with the B&K 4011 Cardiod Mics in the ORTF pattern into a Modified Sony Pro DAT Deck. In 1993, James traded in the B&K's for the AMS ST-250 Soundfield Mic and recorded in the Blumlein pattern into the modified Sony Pro DAT Deck. We are starting at the beginning and working our way to the end of this vault. Spring 1991 through 1994. We have added artwork for CD's and included an m3u playlist for import into your choice of PC/MAC media player ... and if your player supports FLAC, all you have to do is place the folder where you plan to store the files and import the playlist - tracks, tagged and with art are ready for you. We hope you enjoy their body of recording work. ------- Todd & Jamie - Project GEMS.

If you have questions or comments, Clay would love to hear from you - [email protected] - and of course Jamie (**__**) and I (bluedakota) welcome any input you may have - [email protected]  -  [email protected]

A **GEMS** Production

shntool 3.0.4
Copyright (C) 2000-2007 Jason Jordan

    length    expanded size    cdr  WAVE problems  fmt  ratio  filename
    1:17.35      13665164 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.4766  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t01.flac
    12:40.21      134113436 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5439  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t02.flac
    7:33.32      79984508 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5587  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t03.flac
    10:27.43      110703980 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5720  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t04.flac
    8:13.64      87115772 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.4709  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t05.flac
    8:58.61      95046716 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5642  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t06.flac
    6:10.26      65329196 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5671  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t07.flac
    6:03.33      64110860 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5189  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t08.flac
    13:38.31      144368156 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5686  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t09.flac
    7:09.29      75743852 B  ---  --  ---xx  flac  0.5823  jgb1992-10-31.GEMS.d2t10.flac
    82:13.00      870181640 B                            0.5500  (10 files)
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