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Derek Trucks Band 12/04/99
The Cat's Paw, Bozeman, MT
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Entered by Steve Blanchard
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Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary Source: SBD (Captain Skipper Remaster) 
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Derek Trucks Band
Cat's Paw, Bozeman, MT

Source: SBD (Captain Skipper Remaster)

Disc 1:
1. Preachin' Blues
2. Kickin' Bach
3. Feel So Bad
4. Naima
5. Alright
6. Chicken
7. Tutu
8. Travelin' South

Disc 2:
1. Look-ka-py-py*
2. Ain't That Lovin' You
3. Otto
4. Forty-Four Blues
5. Everything Is Everything
6. 555 Lake
7. Rastaman Chant
8. Lovelight
9. Yield Not to Temptation
10. Good Morning Little Schoolgirl

w/Low Rider tease
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0b7c8791bfc49eb2f071c8f058d6991e *dtb1999-12-04d1t01.flac
4b9bcc3757130911483d89390240d9ee *dtb1999-12-04d1t02.flac
eaadd19130b48bffb7eebec26781503b *dtb1999-12-04d1t03.flac
9ef1be322abed56cd013372568f4438a *dtb1999-12-04d1t04.flac
5416b4d390de7f4b3e8ca3aad93d4a9d *dtb1999-12-04d1t05.flac
549cd4d86f88071973cf79086bd49e35 *dtb1999-12-04d1t06.flac
85bad9d430bc00d8662db9f4d7210b63 *dtb1999-12-04d1t07.flac
079d7680bbceafaf72f0b2c1fa2c7722 *dtb1999-12-04d1t08.flac
64ca1f46492b40e3e569057fac1b03ea *dtb1999-12-04d2t01.flac
f394f525133e214b5dfe7795c5f71d0c *dtb1999-12-04d2t02.flac
8a4dfb686e0d0a98c6e353770e361c02 *dtb1999-12-04d2t03.flac
7f7b1bc5c2718c8b6e41d12bebb64f62 *dtb1999-12-04d2t04.flac
e1c429293d8aedc9635dffb9b625b2b8 *dtb1999-12-04d2t05.flac
d1d79e77e4c63c3695da0b0b260e67fc *dtb1999-12-04d2t06.flac
c88aa4c5541e2dc220d67547fe35ab71 *dtb1999-12-04d2t07.flac
6703b20e4ab7b9261d50dc72428ab449 *dtb1999-12-04d2t08.flac
7fbcf624e592c566c89f12a32e0031c8 *dtb1999-12-04d2t09.flac
8eed16a80d4bc6e734f61b1f5cd935aa *dtb1999-12-04d2t10.flac

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