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Club d'Elf 05/31/02
Creekside Jamboree, Forksville, PA
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Entered by Eric McRoberts
Checksums d1 , d2 , d3 , d1wav , d2wav , d3wav
Disc Counts 2 / 3
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Source Summary (Stage Lip) Schoeps mk21(ortf)->kc-5->cmc6->Lunatec 316->Apogee AD-1000->DA-P1 @44.1kHz; R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn Recorded & Transferred by Eric McRoberts 
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Club d'Elf 05-31-2002
Creekside Jamboree, Late Night Tent (a.k.a. "The Space Station")
Almost Heaven Campground, Forksville, PA

Source: (Stage Lip) Schoeps mk21(ortf)->kc-5->cmc6->
Lunatec 316->Apogee AD-1000->DA-P1 @44.1kHz
Recorded by Eric McRoberts

Transfer: R500->Audio Magic Presto II->Zefiro ZA2->
Soundforge 4.5->CDWav->.shn transferred by
Eric McRoberts

Special thanks to Cliff Kaelin for allowing me to take the
Apogee on the road for the weekend!!      :-)

Disk 1 <79:23>
Set I:
1.  Left Hand Of Clyde-> 26:54
2.  Wetbones-> 13:18
3.  As Above-> 09:08
4.  Jungle Adagio-> 15:42
5.  Mogador-> 14:20

Disk 2 <22:02>
Set I(Cont'd):
1.  E Thing-> 08:06
2.  Bass Beatbox 13:56

Disk 3 <66:52>
Set II:
1.  MiSTeR Rourke-> 15:19
2.  The Tingler-> 19:15
3.  Big Light In Sky 12:05
4.  Band Intros 03:03
5.  Gnawa Tune*-> 07:33
6.  New 3 09:35

Mike Rivard- Basses, Sentir
Erik Kerr- Drums
Alain Mallet - Keyboards
Geoff Scott - Guitar
MiSTeR Rourke - Turntables

* 1st Time Played by Club d'Elf
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1014bd71a31c7475c7072bee0085476e *delf02-05-31d1t01.shn
c75525b59229de314557d7e7c65db63c *delf02-05-31d1t02.shn
bb5af01ddf0f5fcb2729397f82510bd8 *delf02-05-31d1t03.shn
ae4ace2907752b4e575cebf31197fc6b *delf02-05-31d1t04.shn
02ebcb4fc7f5ac136cf605cd855be28d *delf02-05-31d1t05.shn
43768751c8dcc427ec71d5932a83018c *delf02-05-31d2t01.shn
3b5b94610dbfb570a88c60fd198c382a *delf02-05-31d2t02.shn
4034528120ea1dddea18e468efba9006 *delf02-05-31d3t01.shn
d749d34dc6843fc4a58acc9b71d74b1b *delf02-05-31d3t02.shn
8eeb6d9a5af45530880e4e287a952862 *delf02-05-31d3t03.shn
b20d7758f03d0d93c0c308a3730d3ec9 *delf02-05-31d3t04.shn
c2e8eb12f12b699d46bd22b11b6acb43 *delf02-05-31d3t05.shn
dae5495852b8ef5b435f4d46202a7e13 *delf02-05-31d3t06.shn
cdaf64cd9049831f6394eae835ce3292 *delf02-05-31d1t03.wav
de9691358c416767c703a80b01f8f70d *delf02-05-31d1t02.wav
6a0df668ecf101b497cbcc7daa79b120 *delf02-05-31d1t01.wav
52121082d3067c9af193443f0287b051 *delf02-05-31d1t04.wav
ed34319b7e5be0d2e53fd136e2767d09 *delf02-05-31d1t05.wav
027c1cff352efc19fb6fbe7bed3a1591 *delf02-05-31d2t01.wav
981067e4359c9f359ce1436622143b90 *delf02-05-31d2t02.wav
1195f531d087b373c829fca7a139b407 *delf02-05-31d3t01.wav
44129f1d3fc22a0b42d39fbc02793458 *delf02-05-31d3t02.wav
b2d29148ed38187a92ec8deab28e47ba *delf02-05-31d3t03.wav
c5c13de49df7c14d69310cbf51ef0fdf *delf02-05-31d3t04.wav
7cedd16000d3e57c2d03f23218339c8e *delf02-05-31d3t05.wav
d91abc7c2449b2133d998e5790a33399 *delf02-05-31d3t06.wav

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