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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 08/11/01
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center, Darien, NY
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Entered by Bill Tetzeli
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Source Summary Daud > Akg 480 ck 61 > Lunatec V2 (35 db) > Tascam DA-P1(master @48k), Transfer: Master dat > Sony DTC-690 > Audioquest Optilink1 > SEK'D Prodif Plus > Samplitude V5.5(48 to 44.1 on the fly) > Soundforge 4.5xp > CDwav 1.6 > mkwact0.97b1 > shnv3, Taped and Transfered by: Chris Ace 
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Karl Densons Tiny Universe
Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien NY

Source: Daud>Akg 480 ck 61>Lunatec V2 (35 db)>Tascam DA-P1(master @48k)
Taped from lawn,dfc off of the center stack

Transfer:Master dat>Sony DTC-690>Audioquest Optilink1>SEK'D Prodif Plus
>Samplitude V5.5(48 to 44.1 on the fly)>Soundforge 4.5xp>CDwav 1.6>

Note:There was a dropout in my master that I removed in soundforge,
I removed from 1:27:817 to 1:29:454.I have included the the shn of the
unedited track with the error.Also the pa the tapers were taping off
went out for part of t1-t2...hence the drop in sound quality/levels.

Taped and Transfered by: Chris Ace

Disc One:
5:Band Intros
6:Good for you
7:The roundabout

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4856073974ecfd186ab04c5c6db5b5f9 *kd01-08-11t01.shn
6a7214fd8abd1f34caf2f4b6217172be *kd01-08-11t02.shn
44b84cd55acc7b6c6864cc47dd87ba9a *kd01-08-11t03.shn
32544fd8f6a85de753dc8d00a14c455f *kd01-08-11t04.shn
0d569f879373b64bc37a44d3b637c9d6 *kd01-08-11t05.shn
1ee3b644b27620ea9c226ee57d55729d *kd01-08-11t06.shn
dd66421020c93d4bb749f1b55b23c1fb *kd01-08-11t07.shn
2b0254ed64f111d88825390d24b14a50 *kd01-08-11t18.shn
03fed21cfabf7ce7359233b2277ae8f4 *kd01-08-11t01.wav
11dac185a3b67393a19a5b97d6fdc51c *kd01-08-11t02.wav
b699dec7da2270444c9b0f3135c5076d *kd01-08-11t03.wav
372caa670b1e3b07935b26238883fc88 *kd01-08-11t04.wav
f1eed9de24840130e884a2b9c39b1952 *kd01-08-11t05.wav
2e85b686bb10b0eef19f68305342b47b *kd01-08-11t06.wav
a1495977fdcdfbd7a7015adb96af0ef6 *kd01-08-11t07.wav
2581a79daa7477e36c544beedf2a8626 *kd01-08-11t18.wav

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