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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe 11/26/99
Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, CA
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Karl Denson's Tiny Universe
Great American Music Hall - San Francisco, CA

DSBD > ? > CDA > EAC > SHN
Vined on the Well July 2000

Setlist from the KDTU Setlist Archive:

- Set I -
- disc 1 -

1. Alex the Great
2. Curtis' Song
3. Rise and Shine
4. Soul Vibration*
5. Ruff Tuff & Tumble*
6. The Grunt*  >
7. Family Tree*

- disc 2 -
- Set I cont. -
1. Logic*

- Set II -

2. Sax Solo >The Hen
3. The Clap
4. Groove On*
5. Los Los*
6. Finicky *#
7. Fallin'*

* with DJ Logic - turntables
# debut

note: Disc 2 runs about 55 seconds over 74 min. (--DT)

Comments by the seeder:

Karl Denson founded, led and played tenor sax & flute in the now defunct Greyboy Allstars from

San Diego, CA.  He desired to move in a more 1970's jazz funk direction and put together the Tiny

Universe in 1998.  It is, indeed, much funkier, tighter and more energetic than the Greyboy

Allstars.  This is one of my favorite new bands out there.

Karl Denson (sax, flute and percussion)
Carlos Washington (trumpet)
Brian Jordan (guitar electrique)
David Veith (keys)
Chris Stillwell (bass)
Craig Dawson (drums)
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