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Jerry Garcia Band 10/24/82
River Theater, Guerneville, CA
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums ffp , md5
Disc Counts 1 / 2
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Source Summary John Anzaldo's Sony ECM 929LT > Sony WM-D6C (TDK SA-C90, no NR; slightly Jerry's side, 5-10' from stage) > Nakamichi CR-7A playback > Creative SB Audigy 2 > Creative WaveStudio > CD > EAC > CDWave > Sony SoundForge Studio 7 (patching, smoothed tape transitions) > shntool > TLH (FLAC level 8) > TLH decode > Adobe Audition 2.0 (pitch correction -0.9%) > TLH (FLAC level 8). 
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Jerry Garcia Band
River Theater
Guerneville, CA
October 24, 1982 (Sunday)

Taper: John Anzaldo;
Recording Location: (slightly) Jerry's side, 5-10' from stage;
Field Recording Gear: Sony ECM 929LT > Sony WM-D6C (TDK SA-C90, no NR);
Transfer (JA): Nakamichi CR-7A playback > Creative SB Audigy 2 > Creative WaveStudio > CD;
Editing (jj): EAC > CDWave > Sony SoundForge Studio 7 (patching, smoothed tape transitions) > shntool > TLH (FLAC level 8);
Editing (DM): TLH decode > Adobe Audition 2.0 (pitch correction -0.9%) > TLH (FLAC level 8).

Disc One (6 tracks, 47:13)
--Set I--
d1t001. Crowd & Tuning [0:24]
d1t002. (I'm A) Road Runner [9:05] [0:02]
d1t003. They Love Each Other [7:52] [0:10]
d1t004. Sitting In Limbo [12:17]
d1t005. Let It Rock [7:55] ->
d1t006. How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You) [9:21] [0:05]

Disc Two (6 tracks, 50:21)
--Set II--
d2t001. Crowd & Tuning [0:08]
d2t002. Sugaree [15:48]
d2t003. Love In The Afternoon [12:17]
d2t004. Run For The Roses [6:25] ->
d2t005. Valerie [6:52] ->
d2t006. Deal [8:46] [0:02]

Lineup, per The Jerry Site (TJS):
- Jerry Garcia - guitar, vocals;
- John Kahn - bass;
- Melvin Seals - keyboards;
- Greg Errico - drums;
- DeeDee Dickerson - backing vocals;
- Jaclyn LaBranch - backing vocals.

Notes (jj):
- Waaay upfront sound ... vox nearly inaudible, nice in-your-face guitar tone.
Very nice listen, IMO, despite some abrupt tape transitions and tight editing.
I have smoothed most of the tape transitions. This is a different master than
the one that circulates under shnid 74618. That one sounds to be a bit farther
back, with more crowd noise but also more vox and high-end.
- The show is perhaps  below average for the period, with Jerry's vocals sounding
particularly rough in the second set. It is interesting in a few respects, though.
First, there are a few relative rarities. Per TJS, his is the 3rd to last version
of RR (11/15/82a, 1/13/83) and the last JGB version of Sitting in Limbo
(Garcia/Grisman would revive it on 12/7/91). Perhaps coincidentally, this version
of SIL kind of falls apart near the end. Second, this is believed to be the first
show for DeeDee and Jackie, who would be the JGB backup singers until the very end.
I don't hear them until Let it Rock, and then only a little @ start. They are there
on HSII (though they seem to be throwing JG's groove off a little bit, and their
singing over the verses suggests that their arrangments have really been worked out).
I don't hear them after HSII, but you can't hear them very well. I am not sure if
they are turned down, even off-mic, only participating intermittently, or if this
has to do with the fact that the tape isn't picking up the PA.
- d1t001 Roadrunner level fluctuations.
- d1t003 TLEO clips in.
- d1t005 Let it Rock reaches some good heights - probably the hightlight of the show.
- d1t005-6 LIR > HSII transition is pretty unique, imperfect but interesting.
- d2t003 LITA first 0:27 missing from this tape. I patched it in from shnid 74618 with
a 1s cross-fade. The level rise @ 0:55 was from the master tape.
- d2t004 RFTR clipped in on this tape. I patched the first 0.949s (+ 0.5s crossfade)
from shnid 74618. The level rise @ start and drop @ 0:22 was from the master tape.
- d2t005 Valerie levels come up at ca. 3-min mark.
- d2t060 Deal major brief level rise @ 5:30 (maybe a splice, tape flip?).

Thanks to John Anzaldo for taping, transferring and sharing, and to Joe B. Jones for help with pitch correction.
Show Checksums
1a718aac377fc421c37265c4d84f4c11 *jg1982-10-24d1t001.flac
818b5cb74c8b1df758a28f913060c780 *jg1982-10-24d1t002.flac
267bf0ad509d37ad827c71e64b2f3b57 *jg1982-10-24d1t003.flac
3f5d91209a9391a77a0eb96ff0b48d0d *jg1982-10-24d1t004.flac
694e5286179a7368fbef8e8a09bc7146 *jg1982-10-24d1t005.flac
7ac8cfa79ad161af150d3ed1b1860089 *jg1982-10-24d1t006.flac
16423b404c287e4e74d1b1874e9daf73 *jg1982-10-24d2t001.flac
a7a45fdcd3aa8a2355a8bcee8a793555 *jg1982-10-24d2t002.flac
2a0f8c2f8e100aebff822bc4a5dfb646 *jg1982-10-24d2t003.flac
af59fea2af61e60fcb45765b98c15889 *jg1982-10-24d2t004.flac
856439be83f49841bc0bf12a4723e053 *jg1982-10-24d2t005.flac
b2ffed895f162df75c29569cd712e5f2 *jg1982-10-24d2t006.flac

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