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Garcia ??/??/73
Unknown, Unknown, Unknown
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Entered by Joe Jupille
Checksums ffp , st5 , flac-md5
Disc Counts 1 / 1
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Source Summary OAITW: unknown sbd; MA-R 90 Cassette Transfer: Tascam mkII > Korg MR1000 at 1bit/5.6mHZ > Korg Audio Gate Software > 32 bit float/96kHz > GEMS Edit Station > Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither to 16 bit 44.1 kHz TLH for FLAC8 SBE FREE Transfers and Mastering by Jamie Waddell. 
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Old & In The Way
Unknown Venue

Lineage: MA-R 90 Cassette

Transfer: Tascam mkII >Korg MR1000 at 1bit
5.6mHZ>Korg Audio Gate Software > 32 bit float
96kHz >
GEMS Edit Station > Weiss-Saracon for SRC and Pow-r3 Dither to 16 bit 44.1 kHz

Transfers and Mastering by Jamie Waddell  [email protected]
Crossfades and edits by Bill Koucky June 12, 2009
a **GEMS** Production   Lossless Legs

I was out doing yard sales recently.  I had the SYF hat on and was looking for some fans
for the hot Tucson summer.  Got to talking with this one fella and the GD came up.  
He said to me after hearing about LL that he had some tapes.  I asked him if he knew
where they came from.  He said, "I cant tell ya man".  I thought he meant that he,
"didn't know, cant tell" but out he walked with a lil' treasure chest of some cassettes.
The cases weren't pretty but the tapes were high end pro tapes.  I asked him again where
he got them and again he said "I cant tell you" but it seems your folks in the trading
world might like them Well, I got home and found too many treasure to note.  
He told me they weren't always on the best dubbing deck and some had been played
and were at least 25 years old (some older) but he was sure that these versions
were recorded by what he termed a "dear old buddy" and official channels and he
had them for years and years and would like some of them to see the light of day.  
More to come.


Transfers and Mastering by Jamie Waddell  [email protected]
Crossfades and edits by Bill Koucky June 12, 2009
a **GEMS** Production   Lossless Legs

Peter Rowan - Guitar
David Grisman - Mandolin
Jerry Garcia - Banjo
Vassar Clements - Fiddle
John Kahn - Double Bass

01 Down Where the River Bends
02 Uncle Pen
03 Orange Blossom Special
04 Lonesome Fiddle Blues
05 On And On
06 Catfish John
07 'Til the End of the World Rolls 'Round
08 Drifting Too Far From The Shore
09 Old & In The Way Breakdown
10 You'll Find Her Name Written There
11 Jerry's Breakdown
12 The Great Pretender
13 Working On A Building
14 High Lonesome Sound
15 Wicked Path Of Sin
16 Blue Mule
Show Checksums
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t01.flac:28d2cad28a0bd56cad129b275004e8fc
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t02.flac:af2425ad8ebaca3731ef18d9dab8c64f
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t03.flac:0e68e44b48f1f68d0f7648c03564596e
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t04.flac:a694c8a6442305ba039acc8c9258f053
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t05.flac:637b37a78f1b615fa28ca9dd91e2bad5
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t06.flac:6ade2774f8dbd0eccfe1d1e66f1ecb02
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t07.flac:d43cad12ee898f4f8a7b726682fb6f04
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t08.flac:23dfc93f71cd0d6004fae2285cafc5a7
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t09.flac:f3e607fbb8ebb46ea25275685dabf072
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t10.flac:43c8c1d25853fa03927108d02f1b7d2b
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t11.flac:ba9fcc04f0a1587df9129144e820b2a8
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t12.flac:fbe0af7c6c082f0a2cff12ab40f160d9
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t13.flac:eb2361861371581ce749317ec0d7d277
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t14.flac:094d6ce3167db99eff552b62eb2f8d7d
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t15.flac:5de315118b922ab49d90027a6ce07925
oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t16.flac:8e32fe580f0034115c4711c1b0252195
28d2cad28a0bd56cad129b275004e8fc [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t01.flac
af2425ad8ebaca3731ef18d9dab8c64f [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t02.flac
0e68e44b48f1f68d0f7648c03564596e [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t03.flac
a694c8a6442305ba039acc8c9258f053 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t04.flac
637b37a78f1b615fa28ca9dd91e2bad5 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t05.flac
6ade2774f8dbd0eccfe1d1e66f1ecb02 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t06.flac
d43cad12ee898f4f8a7b726682fb6f04 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t07.flac
23dfc93f71cd0d6004fae2285cafc5a7 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t08.flac
f3e607fbb8ebb46ea25275685dabf072 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t09.flac
43c8c1d25853fa03927108d02f1b7d2b [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t10.flac
ba9fcc04f0a1587df9129144e820b2a8 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t11.flac
fbe0af7c6c082f0a2cff12ab40f160d9 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t12.flac
eb2361861371581ce749317ec0d7d277 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t13.flac
094d6ce3167db99eff552b62eb2f8d7d [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t14.flac
5de315118b922ab49d90027a6ce07925 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t15.flac
8e32fe580f0034115c4711c1b0252195 [shntool] oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t16.flac
a5f40a9b5fe1e6af156722f31dd6a1ec *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t01.flac
abe46224282c7dd620091ffc1356ff2d *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t02.flac
ec4b6f14478fe8ac145febeec5a962d0 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t03.flac
455ebe619d9adf673bcb842d924b75f2 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t04.flac
06cbdc5dd45308e93d1fb7f926956e94 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t05.flac
1999771fcd8d79788ac7a0521bee2b8d *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t06.flac
d72f3f77099968af7382849e1412d08d *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t07.flac
ef30b0124d9745f11f533266cd904909 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t08.flac
5d4a61f401213352fcd95cb23281c62e *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t09.flac
2c443d3b36447ff842783ed3ae369e78 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t10.flac
e49e82d95439394ffc56876a666ee607 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t11.flac
309366bf08ee64a582565a1c8d1aa33f *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t12.flac
3ff9378679f691e99372f7ffff2fc370 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t13.flac
91dd0619a5535b88f7947b33f1399512 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t14.flac
fd926784fc639d6d951f30fdf2e53c69 *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t15.flac
fee9d9755faf97465a1fc623d339233b *oaitw-leftovers 1973-xx-xx.GEMS.t16.flac

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