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U2 11/14/87
Oakland-Alameda County Stadium, Oakland, CA
Set I
Where The Streets Have No Name, I Will Follow, Trip Through Your Wires, I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For, Gloria, MLK, The Unforgettable Fire, Exit, In God's Country, Sunday Bloody Sunday, Help, Bad, October, New Year's Day, Pride (In The Name Of Love)
Set II
E: Bullet The Blue Sky, Running To Stand Still, With Or Without You, People Get Ready, 40


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chris payment (5/3.4) CDR / 2 View  
Notes: #264
chris payment (5/3.4) CDR / 2 View  
Notes: #39
Jack Warner (5/5) FLAC / 0 View   MAPCM>FLAC
John Champion (5/5) 695 MB / 2 View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master
Slick2007 (5/5) FLAC / 2 B View  
Russell (5/5) FLAC / 1 View  
Jeff S (5/5) cd-r / 2 A View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
Billster (5/5) CDR / 2 A View  
Notes: Flawless. Brief tape drop after D1T2.
George Nassas (5/5) / 0 EX View   Audience
Notes: Awesome quality, particularly for the era. There's a drop in the sound level briefly on ISHWILF.
Mike McCann (4/5) SHN / 1 A A View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
Notes: Very good sound. Vocals and instruments very clear.
springsteenu2 (4/5) cdr / 2 B+ View   B+67:43/36:43Oakland, California/incl"people get ready"mlk"
massu2 (3/0) / 0 View  
Gabacho (3/4.7) / 2 A View   AUD
Notes: 059
Karst de Jong (2/5) / 0 View  
Notes: dvd0020
Moonstroke (2/4.8) SHN / 2 A A- View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
Rodney's Studio (2/0) CD-R / 2 A- View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master
For_you (2/0) CD-R / 2 View  
For_you (2/0) CD-R / 2 View  
Honey (2/5) shn / 1 View  
Notes: 1 audio
HD (1/5) FLAC / 1 View   Schoeps CMC441's > Sony PCM F-1/Sony SL2000 Betamax > PCM-M > FLAC
RBrands (1/0) Flac / 0 View   Nak300 > TCD-D5M master > CDR > Shn
Notes: Ana-M Taper: M.P.
Stuart Ferguson (1/4.3) CDR / 2 View   Audience
Notes: DVD 2465; lineage:
Stuart Ferguson (1/4.3) CDR / 2 View  
Notes: DVD 3322; lineage: mp
OldNeumanntapr (1/5) FLAC / 0 A- View   Schoeps CCM441 >Sony PCM F-1/Sony SL2000 Betamax
Notes: (Recorded By Daspyknows & Team) Transferred from master tapes by Nick C using Sony PCM601 Processed using Soundforge 11 WAV Files Sent Privately By Daspy. WAV >FLAC (Level 8) Via xACT 2.39 By OldNeumanntapr. Daspy Notes: This is a fresh transfer from the master PCM Beta tapes. Here is the history of this recording. When U2 announced they were playing we planned on going Saturday the 14th and had a friend rent us a pair of Schoeps mics from Gassar Sound in SF. They asked him where his studio was located and he gave the address of his photography studio since center field at the Oakland Coliseum would not have worked. The mics cost $75 for the weekend and were due back Monday. We had help bringing in about 60 lbs of gear and found our spot. The crowd during the opening act was unruly. At one point I was kicked in the face by a chick in combat boots trying to get through the crowd. We had to retreat and missed the opener. We went back for U2 and this is the recording. We had the mics on a stand at head height and did our best to guard the gear. There are moments of some crazy crowd interactions including a woman screaming into the mics during Bad, "This is a concert”, when we tried to move her past the gear. At the end of the show we were relieved to have made it out in one piece. We went back to listen after the show and the first intro and first song had crackling and dropouts due to a damaged cable. We took the recording out boxed it up and decided to go the second night which is the recording everyone knows. The master tapes sat boxed up for close to 20 years. I found the tapes and was in the mood to torture myself by listening to it. To my surprise after the first song and a half there cables didn't crackle and there were no dropouts except between the encores and one or two other spots for a second or two. While not nearly as great a recording as night two, it still sounds damn pretty good and if all epic fails could sound like this I would be happy. Slightly different set and worth a listen Given U2 is touring 27 years later this is a perfect time to post a new transfer of the show.
Ian Hiaring (1/0) SHN / 0 Aud View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
Chuck Kiefe (1/5) CD-R / 2 View  
Notes: Master Audience ?>?>CD(VG+)>?>CD "Liberated" bootleg "Graffiti Trouble" Joshua Tree Tour - 3rd Leg: North America
Nocode (1/0) cdr / 2 A View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
Ben (0/0) FLAC / 0 A- View  
Notes: Schoeps CCM441 into Sony PCM F-1/Sony SL2000 Betamax
Steve (0/5) SHN / 1 View   Nakamichi CM300 > Sony TCD-D5M master > CDR > EAC > mkwact > Shn
carlos (0/0) SHN / 2 View