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Built To Spill 06/03/06
Big Easy Concert House, Boise, ID
Set I
Car - "This first song is for Andy Capps"
Goin' Against Your Mind #
new song ("Boredom / wrong's to right)" !!*
The Weather
new song “you put it all behind you” !!*
Traces #
Re-arrange (The Gladiators) !!
Conventional Wisdom #
They Got Away *
Mess With Time !!#
Life’s A Dream *
Broken Chairs
Set II
2006-06-03 "For Andy Capps"
Tatanka 2006 (Benefit for the Buffalo Field Campaign)

!! First time played live
* Unreleased
# Track on "You In Reverse" (album released April 2006)

Doug Martsch vocals, guitar
Jim Roth guitar - left
Brett Netson guitar, vocals - right
Brett Nelson bass
Scott Plouf drums
Except Car (just Doug and Brett Netson on guitars - not acoustic) and Untrustable (Doug, Jim, Brett Netson and Scott)


Bales of Hey and Travis Ward and Junkyard Bandstand opened.
ALL AGEs, Full bar with ID, 8:00 pm Doors open at 7:00 pm, Tickets $15 - BFC is the only group working in the field every day to defend the last wild herd of buffalo in America.

Track 1 is dedicated to Andy Capps, former BTS drummer who passed away a couple of weeks earlier.

First show of 2006 supporting new album "You in Reverse" (Doug Martsch had an eye injury that cancelled the spring tour). Four songs played first time live; two of them new BTS songs (tracks 4 & 6). Four songs from "You in Reverse"

Two reggae songs played (Re-arrange by Gladiators and They Got Away). They Got Away has a never-before played new music opening and tight ending with lyrics "We would never appease no one, We negotiate with guns, How can you stand what we don't..."

Soundcheck (based on Ken’s report):
a. Wherever You Go
b. They Got Away (reggae song)
c. Re-Arrange (Gladiators) - first time played live.

Doug says: "New songs. Bear with us." "Towels please towels"


From Ken the Buffalo Guy (helped organize the benefit) review on BTS board:
"Doug played a black telecaster with a No W sticker. He also showed me a weird old tape loop delay machine that he had on a stool. You could adjust the delay by moving the head back and forth.
Brett Netson played a very heavy, old, beat-up Fender Stratocaster. "a weird special edition 1981. Its heavy as hell and has a brass bridge so its kind of like a strat and a les paul in one."
Jim played a black Fender Stratocaster.

Doug told me the name of the Gladiators song but unfortunately I can't remember it. It went something like "Don't ask what your country can do for you but ask what you can do for your country" like Kennedy's Inaguaral.

They also played By The Way!!! (editors note: this recording does not have this song by Heavenly on it. May not have been played or played in soundcheck)

The whole show was beautifull. They started with Car and dedicated it to Andy. What made it special for me was that only Doug and Brett Nelson played it. If you didn't know why you would have thought it was just an acoustic version but I don't know how they could have made a more fitting tribute for him.

Brett Netson played the most amazing solo on Broken Chairs tonight to. I've never heard anything like it. It was a thing of beauty.

There were also some songs that I have never heard before. One that I think was a cover. Some others that were new songs.

They also played the video for Conventional Wisdom during the sound check. It had a guy with medievil garb on showing the band some war skills with archery, jousting, and spear throwing.

During the entire show they showed a slide show of work done by the artist that did the cover to the new record. Some familiar stuff from the Treepeople covers was included.

Thanks for everyone that came tonight. It was a great success and we raised a lot of money for the buffalo. I hope it will make a huge difference."

From redstaterebels blog:

"The set began on a somewhat somber note as original trio members Doug Martsch and Brett Nelson took the stage with "Car," an early BTS song they originally recorded with drummer Andy Capps, who died here in Boise a few weeks ago. Yes, more death. He was only 37.

The mood changed abruptly after that, as drummer Scott Plouf sounded the opening tattoo of "Goin' Against Your Mind." The mix was a bit muddy at that point, but it still rocked, all chiming guitars and spacey interludes propelled along by Plouf's locomotive drumming and Nelson's ace bassmanship. The crowd - already pumped by opening sets from Bales of Hey (whom I missed, sorry) and the entertaining roadhouse sounds of Travis Ward and Junkyard Bandstand - was in full froth by the end of the nine-minute romp.

Roughy midway through the show, "Conventional Wisdom" was the definite highlight for me, an epic song that is Syd Barrett loopy and jam-band transcendent at the same time. (Don't ask me why, but for some reason, the midsection break reminds me of the dwarves circling the downsized Stonehenge in Spinal Tap.) They also played "Gone" and "Traces" from the new disc, plus some older BTS tunes I didn't know, but thoroughly enjoyed nonetheless.

More than anything else, BTS is a guitar geek's band. Martsch, Jim Roth, and Brett Netson ("Netson with a t") held down the front line last night, generating thickets of sound so dense that it sometimes seemed there were a half dozen guitarists. This was especially impressive since each man played only one guitar all night (though Martsch, wearing a Caustic Resin T-shirt, and Netson each were manipulating the hell out of their single guitars). I was impressed and delighted by their effects, but Roth (right in front of me, on a black Telecaster) was holding his own with nothing more than a whammy bar and some judicious feedback."
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