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Led Zeppelin 05/23/75
Earl's Court, London, U.K.
Set I
Rock And Roll->Sick Again, Over The Hills And Far Away, In My Time Of Dying, The Song Remains The Same, The Rain Song, Kashmir, No Quarter, Tangerine, Going To California, That's The Way, Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp, Trampled Underfoot, Moby Dick, Dazed And Confused, Stairway To Heaven, Whole Lotta Love->Black Dog
Set II



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Collectors With This Show
User (active/rating) Media / # Show Sound Details DB Source User Source
Dan Nelson (5/0) CDR / 4 Yes B View   AUD
Notes: Demand Unprecendented.. - Empress Valley
Jeff (5/5) CDR / 4 A- View   CDR > EAC (secure) > FLAC Frontend Level 7 > FLAC (clean copy)
Notes: "Complete Earl's Court Arena Tapes III" (Empress Valley 4cd)
Joe (5/5) CD-R / 4 A View   Audience
Notes: Demand Unprecedented III - EVSD
Joe (5/5) CD-R / 4 View   Alternate Audience Source
Notes: FBO alt. source series
Dan Karan (5/4.9) cdr / 4 B+ View  
Notes: cdr from "To Be A Rock And Not To Roll"
Sean McIntyre (5/0) CD / 4 View  
Notes: Empress Valley Release The Complete Earls Court Arena Tapes
TheMamba (5/0) FLAC / 0 View  
Lloyd H (5/5) CDR / 2 A+ A View  
Notes: Inc. disk 2,4 only
Eduardo Rojas Morales (5/0) CD / 4 A- B+ View   Audience Recording
John Sherwood (5/0) CD-R SHN / 3 View   AUD
ctg (5/0) / 0 View  
Edgar H (4/5) / 4 View   "Friday Night Zeppelin Express" (A Group/Personal Project)
Notes: Audience Recording Merge + Remaster
Edgar H (4/5) / 4 View   "Thunderstorm" - Tarantura 1994 (T4CD-5-1~4)
Notes: 3hrs. Notes: There are a total of 3 audience sources for this show. Source 1 is the most commonly used source by the labels. Many labels fill missing gaps using one of the alternate sources, this release does not. Original notes: Ripped with EAC in burst mode but error free. Trampled Underfoot fades out at 7:51-55 and cuts out 11 secs too soon, misses 2 dozen of secs of tape after the song. Moby Dick is cut at 14:23, disguised by fade out-in, missing 2 dozen of seconds. Disguised cut 12:39 into Stairway To Heaven. These are the only cuts I noticed, there might be more. Pernod's notes: Sound quality wise this is an upgrade to EVSD's Demand Unprecedented, EVSD's release is more complete by using source 2 but sounds dull in comparison. Tarantura obviously used a source close to or equal to the analogue Master tapes but decided to amplify the sound which, because the acoustics of the venue are boomy and echoey in itself, doesn't really benefit the overall sound at all, luckily they didn't compress it to death like some other recently released bootlegs and still allowed it to breathe. Anyway, even with the amplification it doesn't come up with much background noise, evidence of the low gen Tapes they used.
Brad Foster (4/4.9) FLAC / 2 View   AUD
Jeff Williams (4/0) FLAC / 4 View   AUD
Notes: Artwork
Antoine Joly (4/0) FLAC / 0 View   "Friday Night Zeppelin Express" Audience Recording Merge + Remaster,
Brian Weber (4/0) CDR / 4 View  
Notes: Welcome To The Show
chad (4/4.9) cdr / 4 A B View   AUD
Notes: "Arabesque And Boroque" The Third Night.
dcbullet (4/5) Flac / 0 View   Audience, Demand Unprecedented In The History Of Rock Music (EVSD 101-104)
bob (4/5) DVD / 1 View  
Mike (4/5) cdr / 4 A A View  
Notes: Physical Express
Martin McNally (4/0) cdr / 4 7 View  
Notes: Demand Unprecedented discs 9-12.
Bill (4/5) CD-R / 4 A- View   AUD
Notes: AUD, "Demand Unprecendented"
Jimmy Mac (4/0) cdr / 4 View  
Notes: Arabesque and Baroque - The 3rd night
Jimmy Mac (4/0) cdr / 4 View  
Notes: Alternate Source Master
Jay Reznik (4/0) cdr / 3 View   aud
Rob Stachura (4/0) CDR / 4 View   sbd
mike yund (4/0) cd / 4 B+ View  
Boisedeadhead (3/0) / 0 View  
Marty (3/4.9) DVD / 1 View  
Notes: Video - 1st 7 songs