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Queens of the Stone Age 10/16/07
Metropolis, Montreal, QC
Set I

No One Knows
Go With the Flow
Tangled Up in Plaid
3's & 7's
Do it Again
Sky is Fallin'
I Never Came
Misfit Love
River in the Road
In the Fade
Turning on the screw
Little Sister
Battery Acid
Make it Wit Chu
Sick Sick Sick
I Think I Lost My Headache
Burn the Witch
Song for the Dead
Set II
Last Changed By JIBOOER
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Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps> Apogee Mini Me > JB3
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robertofoo777 (5/4.3) CDR / 1 ?? ?? View  
Notes: Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps> Apogee Mini Me > JB3
Mike Marteny (5/5) cdr / 2 A View   Gefell SMS-2000>NJB3>FLAC>CDR(1)
Notes: D1 65:39 D2 21:13
Damian (5/5) CD / 2 View  
Notes: Queens Of The Stone Age 10/16/07, The Metropolis, Montreal, QC Source: Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps> Apogee Mini Me > JB3 Location: on a stand 15' dead center FOB QOTSA10-16-07Track01.flac:ed49e042d6a81b9ee16b8294a8a6693e QOTSA10-16-07Track02.flac:6b496ad8e567d4f89d33d849b0a9b3f7 QOTSA10-16-07Track03.flac:fb0cd2941f1fa012176ee22e7bd79c7e QOTSA10-16-07Track04.flac:392b538ca0499ac3d3b0e7b171d30cff QOTSA10-16-07Track05.flac:5be5ca35e0779eebf7f24d24bd83e209 QOTSA10-16-07Track06.flac:d2842389654093e122eae3999484f8f3 QOTSA10-16-07Track07.flac:f1323205e7aa7296513a51469c551ac1 QOTSA10-16-07Track08.flac:5bf9db38f73c227596bb3efe0d81de59 QOTSA10-16-07Track09.flac:ef02199122af367c259a6ee3a11d39f9 QOTSA10-16-07Track10.flac:370ebe409962ed7c40d8f265614b0dab QOTSA10-16-07Track11.flac:1800399861bdb75982820c3020b57d42 QOTSA10-16-07Track12.flac:f6ed71ea79af849079d61e543ebe9654 QOTSA10-16-07Track13.flac:a7a62288dc42c73b84360dddd5ed6382 QOTSA10-16-07Track14.flac:d85570ef104653670837129073bfa814 QOTSA10-16-07Track15.flac:bf07f29071eebc4781f7c046c5af0d90 QOTSA10-16-07Track16.flac:e1272cd1a2610d09152ff75ccfb3b3b8 QOTSA10-16-07Track17.flac:3d52bcf4d7ea415afbaa24ecf0e12c7c QOTSA10-16-07Track18.flac:b2fc239abc2c6da11176afba173bc05a QOTSA10-16-07Track19.flac:2d4032c9ee9fb4db1a9f8d8115756e5e QOTSA10-16-07Track20.flac:cb00e594e254a0bc5ea85ad1b2d7f376 QOTSA10-16-07Track21.flac:8b10af7ece78f9e378963011cdf047b3
Chaosu (5/5) FLAC / 1 View   AUD
Anzlezz (3/0) FLAC / 0 View   Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps> Apogee Mini Me > JB3
Notes: I Think I Lost My Headache (<---NICE)
Timbeau (3/0) / 0 View  
Lenny Herold (2/5) / 0 View 98928
Greg Johnson (1/0) FLAC / 1 View 98928 Microtech Gefells SMS-2000s with M20 Capsuels > Apogee Mini Me > Creative Nomad Juke Box 3
Notes: Generation: WAV(M) [16bit/44.1KHz] > FLAC Transfer: Unknown Length: 1:26:52 Size: 481 MB
JIBOOER (0/0) FLAC / 2 A A View   Microtech Gefells SMS-2000 M20 Caps> Apogee Mini Me > JB3