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Grateful Dead ??/??/39
"Noteworthy Other Ones -- A Collection", Compilation, Compilation
Set I
67-11-11 Cryptical > Other One > Cryptical
68-10-30 Other One Jam
69-02-22 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Cryptical > Death Don't
69-04-04 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Cryptical > Death Don't
69-11-07 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Lovelight
70-01-03 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Cryptical > Cosmic Charlie
70-05-15 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Cryptical
71-04-05 Truckin' > Drums > Other One > Wharf Rat
71-12-01 Cryptical > Drums > Other One > Me And My Uncle > Other One
72-09-28 He's Gone > Other One > Bobby McGee > Other One > Wharf Rat
74-06-18 WRS > Other One > It's A Sin Jam > Stella Blue
77-11-05 Estimated > He's Gone > Drums > Other One > Black Peter
78-01-22 Terrapin > Drums > Other One > Close Encounters > St Stephen > NFA > Around & Around
78-02-05 Drums > Other One > Wharf Rat > Around & Around
78-10-21 Space > Mojo > Other One > Stella Blue > Sugar Magnolia
79-10-27 He's Gone > Caution Jam > Other One
81-05-06 He' s Gone > Jam > Drums > Space > Other One
85-06-16 Cryptical > Other One > Cryptical
85-06-30 He's Gone > Cryptical > Drums > Space > Other One > Stella Blue
89-08-19 Drums > Space > Other One > Wharf Rat > NFA
91-02-20 Jam > Space > Other One > Wharf Rat > Around & Around
94-06-19 Other One > Wharf Rat > Good Lovin'
Set II
Grateful Dead
Dead To The Core Project
Noteworthy Other Ones (A Collection)

This is a collection of noteworthy versions of Cryptical Envelopment
and The Other One by the Grateful Dead. The song was written by Jerry,
Bob, and Billy. Originally the song was a suite called "That's It For
The Other One", consisting of three parts: Cryptical Envelopment,
Quodlibit For Tenderfeet, and The Faster We Go The Rounder We Get. It
is quite common to call combinations of the last two parts "The Other
One". In the early years these songs were inseperable; The Other One
started showing up on its own in 1971, and shortly thereafter (with
the exception of a few shows in 1985) Cryptical was gone.

The collection is closely based on a list put together by Eric Wybenga
and published in his book _Dead To The Core: An Almanac of the
Grateful Dead_. Eric picked versions of The Other One from throughout
the band's career. When he picked a version that was commercially
released, I used an AUD instead of a SBD if one was available to me,
or I selected a similar show if there was no AUD. Eric had an
unusually high hit-rate for this collection. I don't know if that
means he just like popular Other One's, or that great Other One's are
quite likely to be commercially released? Be that as it may, I had to
make more substitutions than usual here.

The track names are self-explanatory: they list the date of the
performance, the SHNID of the source, and shortened names of the songs
included in the track. If The Other One is part of a larger jam, I
included the other songs, especially when they were songs that
commonly showed up next to The Other One. Since The Other One was
associated with Drums and filled with Space from the get-go, even
before there were ritualized Drums/Space's, I have been more willing
than usual to include Drums and Spaces that flowed into and out of
parts of The Other One in an organic/interesting way. To create these,
I decoded to wav's with flac or shntool as appropriate to the source,
joined the wav's with shntool, edited them (in the edges and fades
way) with Wavelab, fixed the bad headers Wavelab creates with shntool
strip, and then compressed things with flac. I used flac v1.2.1,
shorten v3.6.0, shntool v3.0.2, ane Wavelab V6.

First shared via bitTorrent at, Febuary 2009, by SteveSw.
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