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Ween 11/27/97
Palais Extra, Zürich, Switzerland
Set I
Don't Shit Where You Eat, Spinal Meningitis, Golden EEl, Stallion 3, Wavin My Dick In the Wind, Don't Get Too Close To My Fantasy, TICK, Pony, AIDS, Voodoo Lady, Buckingham Green, Baby Bitch, The Mollusk, Take Me Away, Dr. Rock, Can't Put My Finger On It, Puerto Rican Power, Mr. Richard Smoker, You Fucked Up, Tear For Eddie, Ocean Man, She Wanted To Leave, Blarney Stone, Dancing In the Show Tonight, Sketches of Winkle, Fat Lenny, It's Gonna Be Alright, Buenos Tardes
Set II
Last Changed By Hamilton, Greg & Diana
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Kidd (5/4.2) audio/2shn / 2 A View 21823 SBD>DAT>cassette>CDR>eac>wav>SHN
Notes: Great!
Jon Pavuk (5/4.3) CD-R / 2 A+ A View   SBD>FM
Mark Brut (5/5) CD / 2 A A- View   S:D
Newk (5/0) FLAC / 2 View  
Notes: Remastered
Jeff Lambert (5/4) / 2 View   aud
Rob Lecker (5/0) CDR / 2 A View   SBD (FM)
Michael Schrecker (5/5) cd-r / 2 A- A- View  
rexella (5/0) cd / 2 A A+ View   SBD>DAT>cassette>CDR
Notes: **Remastered** by thir13en My FAQ: Ween 1997-11-27 Zurich, Switzerland What a wicked show these guys put on. Don't know what else to say, their music pretty much speaks for itself. Enjoy the weirdness that is Ween! Q'd>Comp'd>S1'd>BBE'd>L3'd>Flac'd dont shit where u eat spinal meningitis golden eel stallion 3 wavin my dick dont get too close to my fantasy TICK pony aids voodoo lady buckingham baby bitch The Mollusk Take Me Away dr rock finger intro can't put my finger on it Peurto Rican power Mr. Richard Smoker You Fucked Up tear fer eddie ocean man she wanted to leave blarney stone Dancing In The Show Tonight Sketches of Winkle fat lenny it's gonna be alright buenos tardes amigos PRE-13 SOURCE INFO ===================== SBD>DAT>cassette>CDR by Timothy Oakley CDR>eac>wav>SHN by Derek Java
Maurizio Tirassa (5/5) shn / 2 View 21823 Soundboard
Notes: Converts to 2 audio discs.
Anders Solenes (5/0) CDR / 2 View  
casedogg (5/5) CDR / 2 A View  
Notes: SBD FM broadcast
Patrick (5/4.4) .shn / 2 View  
erico (5/4.5) CDR / 2 A+ View   Soundboard
ziggy_19810 (5/4.7) CDR / 2 View  
Lee Harvey Oswald (5/5) CD-R / 2 A+ View   SBD
lionel (5/0) / 0 View  
nate (5/5) cdr / 2 View  
Phillip Gray (5/0) SHN / 2 View  
Leah (5/0) cdr / 2 View  
Jeff Kollath (5/5) CDR / 2 View   Digital FM
Keelan (5/5) shn / 2 B C+ View  
Kris Stanya (5/5) Audio/SHN / 2 View   SBD>DAT>cassette>CDR
spree (5/0) CDR / 2 View   FM SBD
Jake Kivett (5/0) cdr / 1 View  
spring (5/0) SHN / 0 View  
Joseph Lawson (4/5) SHN / 2 View 21823 SBD>DAT>cassette>CDR > SHN
Zeke Phillips (4/4.3) shn / 2 View 21823 SBD
bruce lynd (4/0) data / 1 View 21823
Notes: remastered by some aud hating D-bag who goes by the name thir13en. fag
mamou1 (4/0) / 0 View  
jknapp (4/0) SHN / 2 A View 21823