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Phil Lesh & Friends 06/29/01
The Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA
Set I
Jam >
Just A Little Light,
Half Step >
Jam >
Acadian Driftwood,
Mason's Children >
New Speedway Boogie >
Cosmic Charlie
Set II
Eyes of the World>
Fire on the Moutain>
Days Between>
St. Stephen>
Patchwork Quilt>
St. Stephen>
Millenium Jam>
The Eleven>
Midnight Hour
Tom Thumb Blues
Last Changed By BluBossa
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akg 481's>v2>adc20>da-p1 shn transfer by Dale Shepherd [email protected] thanks Dave Minor for supplying the dat tapes Dat>sek'd prodif+ card>sek'd red roaster (fades)> cdwave (splits)>mkw
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Recorded by Neil Sturtevant using Sennheiser ME80's w/ K3U shotgun capsules > HHB Portadat (48kHz) in bottom left corner of taper's section...basically...DFC. Mastered & Tracked by Mike (Bodenzord) Boden: Panasonic SV3800 > dbx 166XL > Behringer PEQ 2200 > Manley Variable-MU > Dominator II > Apogee PSX-100 > Audiophile 2496 soundcard > PC w/ Celeron II 600 MHz > Samplitude 2496 V. > Yamaha 8x4x24 CDRW external SCSI
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Source: DAUD Master DAT ATM-35 Hyper Cardioid Capsules > Sony D-7 DAT Recorded by C. Connif (VT taper) FOB 5 feet in front of right speaker stack. Stealth recording with mics in a straw hat. Transfer: Panasonic SV-3700 > M-Audio 2496 digital in [48/16] > WaveLab 5.0 Mastered with iZotope Ozone 3, Dithered to 44.1 > CD Wave > TLH > Flac Transfer and Mastering By B. Koucky Green Mountain Bros. January 2008
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flac16;Recording Info:Rode NT2 -> Lunatec V2 -> Sony SBM-1 -> Dat (Sony D8/44.1k);Transfer Info:Dat (Sony R500) -> Sound Devices 744T -> Samplitude Professional v10.1 -> FLAC; Recorded, Transferred and Mastered By Charlie Miller
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